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I can't split them either. Coupla points:

Let it Be Naked - is better.

'Something' is almost as good as Anything they did. I was just listening to the 'unplugged' version off the anthology. Beautiful.

and how about a best song poll now? My fave (the seven minute one) didn't make it onto an album.
(In My Life is pretty good though.)

I notice you left "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" out of your entirely unmerited blasting of Abbey Road side one. Exception to the rule?

Anyway, as far as best Beatle albums go, what about the Past Masters and Anthologies, the BBC album, the remastered and rejigged Yellow Submarine (what about, for that matter, the original version, which is conspicuous here by its absence along with Magical Mystery Tour), or Naked? None of which would actually get my vote, I must say, but without at least the two Past Masters and those other two you missed, you're not getting the full picture of the Beatles' oeuvre as released from 1962-70.

Yes yes, but who was the chucker in the band?

Sorry, B. Let it Be Naked doesn't conform to the criteria. It wasn't released between 1962 and 1970. The first time I heard Something it was on one of mum's Frank Sinatra albums and as a youngster I was never hip to it. Beatle wise I've never really like it. Bit of the Yesterday syndrome there. I'll do a song pol eventually.

"Entirely unmerited" James? That's one of those phrases that always looks odd. Am I to take it you like it a lot? And I left off IWY(SSH) by mistake. I've never really liked it either.

I've added in a clarification to the post stating the reasons why I picked those albums.

No chuckers, Patrick. They've all had their actions cleared by the Recording Artists Academy.

Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da IS shit, but it's the exception that proves the rule. Best album ever.

Not so, Adam. Exile On Main Street holds that honour.

I enjoyed the Beatles early work best. 'help' is superb, not a weak link on that one. Hang on, i think 'yesterday' was in that one and i never did like that particular dirge, but 'ticket to ride' and 'you're gonna lose that girl' are brill. Beatles lapsed into a 'weird' spell late on in the 60's, lasted 2 or 3 years. I read that somewhere.

Give or take the odd moment of brilliance, most of the Beatle lapses lasted well past the sixties.

"Yesterday" is not only the 'most covered' Beatles song, apparently it's the most covered song of all time.

I've got it out and played it over and over (the 'help' album that is) and regard it as some of Lennons best writing. He is brill on "Help" and "Hide your love away"

"Rubber Soul" is always touted as the best Beatles album but i rate this one more now. "Hey, you've got to hide your love away" and "help" are melodic and indeed infectious. Lennon regarded "Help" as a favourite, and the lyrics ring very true.

"hey" is kinda Dylan-esque folk rock and is melodic- more so than in 'Rubber Soul'. "Ticket To Ride" has a great hook and great singing by Lennon. "I need you" by Harrison also hits the spot.

"The night before" by Mcartney is a rockier piece and one of his best, along with "i've just seen a face" a charming little ditty.

Yeah, that was a recent trivia question James.

I think Revolver, White, Sgt Peppers and Rubber Soul regularly share best of homours. Look over on the left of the blog at the "Lotsa Lists" link.

Personally I'm split between Revolver and Let It Be. What is truly amazing is the sum of the work... in just over seven years, they created all of the music you listed. And almost 40 years on, it still makes 99% of the stuff in between pale by comparison.

Rob, a friend of mine, a hard core music fan who prefers the Stones, nevertheless maintains the Beatles virtually invented pop music. There's no point denying it.

i know im late to the string, but i just ran across this site. ive been a beatle fan for a long time now and i can honestly say that there are only two songs that i will no longer listen to and both are on the otherwise brilliant white album: Wild Honey Pie (silly filler that drives me mad) and Rev. n.9 (also silly, but much longer). Other than that, i feel obla-di acceptably silly because of its catchy tune, and before tonight ive never heard anyone say they hate georges 'while my guitar gently weeps'.

D, regarding WMGGW, Clapton's whiny guitar grates. And it's way too long.

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