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A little bored today Tony?

You need to do drugs or booze again.

Filthy unbelievers! It's a serious issue dammit! Why aren't whistleblowers ever taken seriously?

Except by The Age.

You are dead right there Tony. I am just about to turn 33 and this last year has been one of the most boring and depressing years of my life. 33 is already looking a lot better.

You are dead right there Tony. I am just about to turn 33 and this last year has been one of the most boring and depressing years of my life. 33 is already looking a lot better.

Ahhh, 33. I remember 33.


Oh. My. GOD! I'll be turning 32 this year! Spoooooooky...

29 this year, though I find myself counting back now to work out how old I am .... or feeling old when my knees play up (like today). Humph

"Very occasionally I'll do the crossword if someone else has started it."

On at least 32 occasions I'd say?

OMG! It's a dastardly plot by the CIA to send you MAD and turn you into the new manchurian candidate to assasinate whoever the North Korean president guy is. King Dong or something.

Hack, don't walk under any black cats this year.

Three years till you're 32, Chris. There's a 3 in 32.

No c'mon DA. That's stretching it.

Adam, I just know you're aware that your second sentence contains 32 words. I think you're trying to hypnotise me and turn me INTO Frank Sinatra ... and ON TO Angela Lansbury.


Spooky this......i'm 24.

Tone- need any mindbending drugs at the moment? I know i do.

Scott, and I was just gues ... reading.

There's a 2 in 24 Brett, AND 32. Spookworthy indeed.

I'm 21 and I think I'm so old last year when 20 it was the worst for me because the teenage finish.

[Changed by me, TT.]

I wanted to add some 32 madness to your blog as there 'is' something about the number 32. from:http://aftergrogblog.blogs.com/agb/2004/02/thirty_two.html#comments

It seemed a good idea to me to make Dr. Bain's research on the Kaballah available to the student in this field, especially since his work contains valuable new insights pertaining to the tree of life in relation to the 21 stages and 32 paths of wisdom, culminating in his diagram called "Jacob's ladder".

Or how about this??


That will rattle your 32 cage!

The evaluation of the postmortem skull radiographs need not
be limited to the proof that President Kennedy was killed by
two shots fired from different directions. They provide
strong evidence that in some manner they were used in the
preparation of Warren Commission exhibit CE 388 which I have
included a reproduction of at the end of my prepared
statement. CE 388 is a lateral illustration of the damage to
the President's skull made under the supervision of Drs.
Humes and Boswell for their Warren Commission testimony.
According to the autopsy doctors, this was made without the
benefit of the radiographs or photographs. On the lateral
skull radiograph there is a pair of diverging pencil lines
that were drawn there by Dr. John Ebersole, the radiologist
present the night of the autopsy. These lines from a 32
degree angle and extend from the entrance, low in the back
of the head to the projected exit point of the first bullet
in the right front of the skull. On CE 388 there is a pair
of lines which corresponds to the proposed trajectory of the
first bullet through the skull. These lines have almost
exactly the same 32 degree angle and intersect the skull at
exactly the same point as the pencil lines drawn by Dr.
Ebersole on the lateral skull x-ray. This match is not a
coincidence and speaks to the fact that either directly or
indirectly the radiographs were used in preparation of CE
388. It also speaks to the fact that the original autopsy
team knew exactly where the first bullet entered the skull
both on visual inspection and radiographically. Both the
pencil lines on the radiographs and the trajectory lines on
CE 388 point to the level of entry for the first bullet and
the transverse fracture of the right occipital bone which
was created by it.

How about this one: http://www.supremecouncil.org/default.asp

32 is a magic number for many organizations.

Feel like music?

To Top it off:


And last but not least let us not forget a very important room 322 and our Prez:


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