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was looking up the great "Four-wheel Drives" DWWWW - Devon Welshpool Won-Wron Woodside, and found this article which looks at the struggle from a vic perspective.


Towns and Railways has a nice ring to it though, albeit something of a Monopoly feel.

The Lower Great Southern League is a different animal these days as well. Poor old Denmark (the mighty Magpies) have combined with Walpole (which used to be in the Manjimup comp) and now they're called the "Giants" (Valley of the Giants, geddit?) and the jumper is GREEN for chissakes. Rocky Gully (the Cardies) are long gone, and we now have all these weird up-country teams like Tambellup and Kojonup playing with us. Boy, you should see their faces when they play in Denmark and see puddles on the ground ("Eeee what the fuck is THAT?")
Denmark only ever won one flag, although the thirds got into the GF a number of times; the boys would leave town for High School and work and so the seconds and league were pretty crap.
There must be heaps of Towns and Railways in country footy. There's a Railways in Albany.
Yobbo is touting a pictorial history of Dumbleyung and there's some great footy pics in there.

Thanks for the link, B, I put it to use right away. I like Ganmain-Grong-Grong-Matong.

There's a Railways and Towns in Geraldton and a Railways in Kalgoorlie and Os's Great Southern.

And it wouldn't be Monopoly, it would be Squatter.

Oooh, Os, you must have been writing while I was....err....while I was watching the Fox Cricket show.

Tambellup's where Jeff Farmer comes from. Of course now that he's at Freo he's not the Wiz anymore.

There are not so many Towns and Railway footy clubs anymore but there are miwyons of Railway Hotels. Here too.

And in case you didn't check the links, oner of them way to Yoh-Boh's Dumblebook.

And there was heaps of rain at Narrogin.

PS: Check the WA Footy Forum link on the left.

nope, i dint czech the links ... ta

'S OK, Os.

Wagin are going to be pretty strong this year. They're getting half of West Arthur's team, and the bumper harvest will mean the chequebooks are fatter than ever.

Nevertheless, we haven't missed a GF since joining the league and i can't see it happening this year.

And yeah, like os says there are a lot of Dumbleyung/Kukerin/Mouly/Nairibin footy photos in the book, some of them dating back to pre-WW1.

The year before I played there Stan Magro captain/coached Wagin with Kevin Worthington as his deputy. Wagin won the flag well and a look at the website show they've been pretty good since. The year I played Peter Matera played for them too. They had some good players. Gavin Bolt, Peter Ball, a few others. I thought most of the West Arthur players were going to the South West.

Kukerin - or was it Dumbleyung? - won lots of flags prior to joining the UGS what with Tommy Pierce and the Ditchburn boys so it's no surprise they've won flags whilst joined with Dumbleyung - or was it Kukerin?.

I might just hunt down a copy of the book.

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