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For so much of the 90's our slip cordon resembled a ring of steel, there is an inherent danger of it becoming a ring of pansies.But our future frailties do not lie so much in missed catches/ ageing fielders? etc BUT adequate replacements for Pigeon and Warnie.The system is in place but we must NOT give those bloody Poms a sniff of any future ashes success.Personally, i do not remember an ashes defeat...let's keep it that way.

Can't bowl. Can't catch. Can't believe Magilla keeps getting picked.

In my pinion you've hit right on the issue, Brett. It's not the fact the slips might be slipping, it's the fact that there aren't as many chances coming their way. It's much easier to snaffle blinders when there's no pressure implied by the fact that if you miss one, you won't get another chance for ages. That seems the problem to me at the moment.

The number of wickets he gets means he is always going to be next cab off the rank, Hack. Never the less, it's not insignificant that India are the main threat to Aussie superiority. After all, they are the best players of spin. It's not a coincidence we seem to be able to flog everyone else - except the Shrees and home - and yet struggle against India. Still, MacGilla better learn to catch. Warne is a terrific catch, and if anything, it's that ability that will see him back in the side in front of MacGill.

Warne is a very handy batsman as well; MacGill's giving McGrath some stiff competition in the batting stakes.

There's many an expert out there who reckon Warnie should have made many more test runs. He's got a good enough eye and technique when he wants. However, the way he got out on 99 against New Zealand in Perth two years ago is a good indication of why he hasn't. A headstrong tonker.

I dunno that his technique is THAT good. Warnie's batting is more arse then class. Still, he's a better cricketer then MacGill by any measure, and I impatiently await his return.

I'm not saying he's got a GREAT technique, just a better one than his average to date warrants. Still, roll on Warnie's return.

I think i'm a better bowler than McGill. But i'm 10 k's overweight, drink only ice cold lager, exist on a diet of chips and can't bloody run for Edna. I might ring the selecters....


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