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I refused to vote in your Stones poll because Dirty Work was not included but I'm more than happy to vote for the White Album in this one.

Happiness is a Warm Gun = Best Beatles ever.

Q magazine recently described them as an ok pub rock band. Another pundit played the heresy card and said they were always 'housewives choice' in waiting...Weird to see how quickly the cred turns, how such cultural gods become mere mortals in a generation and cardigan wearing mortals at that, to make nostalgic apologists out of us all. But Sgt Peppers should be seen in the social context as well - revisionists can overlook the (unprecedented?) cultural impact it made.
(and I love what I've heard of Let it Be Naked .)

btw - given the Ikea element in this post, shouldn't Los Beatles go Swedish?
Klicka here to read about "Englands Pop.Gäng"

Might just have to agree with you, Adam. A great song!

You know my thoughts on Q, B. (Oops, ha ha) And my reference to influence is wrapped up in the cultural impact issues. Mags like Q ought to stick to what the do best: glossy ads for the latest trendy gear. And that's all. There's no point them commenting on anything because no one who writes for them has any idea about what they're writing.

It doesn't get my vote, but I think you should have included Yellow Submarine. For the A side. Rather fond of "Hey Bulldog" and "Only a Northern Song".
I think I'll have to sulk and get my Blue dog to bite you.

Congrats on an excellent outcome on the Stones poll Tony, and on getting out of Ikea intact. Re Pepper, i think it is a still good but was once mind-blowing album. The problem here is a historical one, imo. In its time, it was awesome. Nobody had ever heard anything like it before, and it instantly became the no. 1 selection for the greatest of all time. The injustice that it now labours under is that its impact was so genuinely profound, the new standard that it set was instantly absorbed into pop music culture, and now permeates music generally. Pepper is part of the ground on which we walk ... or the air through which we listen ... everyday. Subtract Pepper, and everything else would also be changed.

Unfortunately, this means we can never really hear its contribution anymore, because its contribution is everywhere. To really appreciate the massiveness of the album, we would have to clear our heads of everything we have heard since, and travel back in time, to once again be innocent of everything it subsequently brought about, so that we could once again receive the almighty shock and utter thrill and sheer joy of the miraculous thing afresh. Rubbing more unfair salt into the wound, so many of the artists that stood on the incredibly broad shoulders of Pepper did very much better than the Beatles at what they never ever would have ever had a hope in hades of doing in the first place without that truly inspired masterpiece. To select another poor analogy, its like trying to get off on the wheel, when we're all now driving around in Ferraris.

In sum, all historical credit to Pepper. Quite possibly the single most important album in all popular music ... but we don't need or wish to play it anymore, because we hear a bit of Pepper in almost everything else we listen to. It made so very much of today possible, it's now profoundly yesterday.

Oh, and I voted for the White Album.

I reckon that's a pretty fair summation, Chris. Fair, as in exceptional.

Peppers IS a great album. It was a hugely influential, and no matter what anyone says, it's chock full of great songs. To confirm, I even had a listen while I was writing the post. It's what makes the Oz critics' description so idiotic. I'm betting he cites the trendier VU Banana album as a "better".

You raise an interesting point about it being the first of it's kind and thus being the foundation on which most other good music is built. That agrees with something I've always said: "The Beatles invented pop music". What we listen to now would have been impossible without their ground-breaking work. Not just Peppers either.

Also your point that we would need to "clear our heads". Would that we could, because then we'd be able to derive it's full wonder unsullied. I'm "only" 41, so I didn't hear it until about 1974 when I started listening to music. My parents liked Burt Bacharach (as do I now). I didn't appreciate it's true value until I was about 18, after I'd left school.

I often wonder what I'd think on hearing it for the first time. I suspect, as with much great music, it might have taken me a few listens. Actually, that's unlike film. I remember when I first saw Once Upon A Time In The West and I was shattered when I realised I would never again be able to see it for the first time.

I disagree slightly with your comment: "but we don't need or wish to play it anymore, because we hear a bit of Pepper in almost everything else we listen to". Yes, if we don't wish to play it anymore, that's ok, because there's plenty of great gear around. No, we NEED to play it every now and again to get a handle on where it all comes from now.

That leads on to another pet hate of mine, people who say such and such is crap because it sounds like so and so. That's just so much rubbish. It doesn't matter where you get the building blocks, just as long as you put them together correctly. The Beatles; starting around Rubber Soul, virtually invented the building blocks.

To round off; I don't listen to it a lot, but when I do, I like it. Just not as much as others.

As for the poll, I never vote and tell. Oh, what the hell, I voted for....what's that?....hungry again?....I've got to feed the cat.

Duran Duran??? Who? What?? Where?? are they????

They're a crap band who've ALWAYS been crap, and another reason why this list is bogus. This album was never a "We all have them -- classic album we once loved but now never play" as the header suggests.

And i find Meatloaf to be a one trick ' operatic rock ' pony. This Pratt out of hell is an odious slob with a talent so miniscule that the latest Mars satellite will uncover more talent out there.

Never liked his music. Crap, in fact. I hate his faux crazy man interview style. Wanker.

These day's blondie looks like she's overdosed on doughnuts and milkshakes. Apparently she is still "going strong" , whatever that means.

She looks awful on a recent "Alt music" special that's doing the rounds on Foxtel.

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