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There you are, Tony! Nice place.

I'm all for speed limits. Unless they're too fast or too slow.

G'day Noel, (Translation - Guh Doy Nole) yep, our local Pollies are going to have us riding push bikes soon. The next survey on speed limits and road accidents will suggest that there will be less accidents at 40kph than 50. And so it goes.

BTW, great to hear from you again. Keeping the knife sharp are we? Those spineless Dems sure are trying to whip up the WMD issue. And noxious Hilary's been in the news plenty of late. Heaps of targets me thinks.

Push bikes are way too fast. Unicycles...For The Children(tm)!
Thought you'd be interested in that Phallustinian Phootballer story.
Could you teach me some Aussie curses?...running out of American ones...

Love a good sport story Noel. Especially one that seems to have been writen with an eye for humour. Don't know about you but I'll swear the journo was "taking the piss", as we say here.

"fierce opponents", "deadly....off the field", "no ordinary side"

Maybe it's just me and it's obviously a bit harsh considering the severity of the topic. I reckon he's looking for sporting mataphors and hoping he doesn't overdo it.

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