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Woewoeful was the headline after we got flogged by Brisbane in 1999. One of the great Herald-Sun back pages of our time I think.

As for Steven Powell, he can go to hell and die.

Yowzah! Harsh Adam. Still, he is a greedy scab. I wish the Saints were having a shit year. That'd be hell!

Yze came 6th in last year's B&F. No wonder he's filthy.

A bizarre result John. Neitz was great. Bruce, Brown and Johnstone had good years, but 6th?!? Who am I missing?

Dont knock woewy, he is the best player afl football has had in ages, and no matter what, i will never dislike him.

so for future refrences, LEAVE HIM ALONE !!!!

You know something? You've got a beautiful name, Lana.

And you're wrong.

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