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Warts'n'all Kimbo is counting heads as we speak.

(BTW, does the "Remember personal info?" work? Methinks not. Off with his head!)

I must admit Sedge, I think Beazley's a better show than Crean. If Sime's in charge come the next election Labor will cop a hiding. Beaza will minimise any carnage and may even pinch it. I'm not convived the Libs are travelling all that well and it's still a long way out. The very earliest an election would be called is November.

That Remember personal info? usually works, yu've gotta click it after you insert the info.

Ah ... after is it? O.K. Always one for afters.

... but to no avail. C'est la geurre.

... but back to taws. Sedgwick to Lady Sedgwick after Simenon was elected as leader ... "Well savour it Simon, that's your one win." As attractive a prospect (particularly so in these increasingly presidential election days) as dear old Artie Calwell. Sime might have the policies, the ticker ... but sadly NOT the packaging.

Don't have to tell this emeritus Collingwood supporter about it being a long way out ... half time 1970 Grand Final vs Carlton. Still crying into my beer with hemlock chaser.

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