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Sorry, Tony, much as you'd like to be able to dismiss that as a hallucination... it wasn't. The people to blame for the Sydney version of the Footy Show have evidently decided the previous fuss about Mahatma Coat being an unfunny racist stereotype was sufficiently long ago for the stereotype to be revived...

"unfunny racist stereotype"

That about covers it James. I'm not against taking the piss, no matter what the target, but my one stipulation is that it's funny. Mahatma ain't funny.

Yeah, I'd much rather pick on wops dagos and powerpoints.

Wouldn't we all?

Not me. As a teacher, I treat everyone equal. Especially equal are minority groups.

Oh gimme a break with the political correct thou-shall-not-offend-anyone crap! I'm for offending EVERYONE

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