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You get disturbed by one funeral in a Catholic church. You should have seen my childhood. My nanna has like a shrine to the Virgin Mary in her living room. Catholicism is freaky freaky shit. That being said, beats being a heathen protestant any day.

Beats being a Muslim too I suspect.

My nana is the same with rosaries, statues and various detrius of a shine.

Tony your going to too many funerals ol son.

Not disturbed Caz. Interested. In a "Ooh look mama! Look at all the Crosses! It's Easter! Can we get eggs?" kind of way.

Possibly Patrick. I'm not too sure there's gonna be a swathe of Yanky sportsmen signing up to change their names to Muhummad or Ali.

What's detrius Scott? And yeah, it seems people I know aren't doing too well lately. Maybe it's my fault. Last week a friend told me that an acquaintance had died. Neither of us liked him. My response - a shrug and "Tough break. But whaddaya gonna do?" I might have to start being careful.

Ahh well, my motto? Push It Down!

detrius = debris, a collection of junk that is nevertheless valued by the collector...

Ahhh, that's what I thought you meant Scott. As in DETRITUS?


I did it my way.

Those little town blues.

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