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Agree totally with all these heroes, especially the (hicks) vics from the sticks- Croydon. (Waverley was our local y'know). If the Finals ever leave the MCG - time to support the great EDFL again.

I love to watch the finals at the MCG. At home. On delay. All the while knowing I had a ticket I didn't use.

Let's get something strait, footy = the beautiful game, born in melbourne ? No, created in the streets and parks of England, spiritual home = Wembley.

Unless you are talking about some lesser game that is.

That's something I've been arguing all along Mike. Wembley is the spiritual home of Association Round Ball Soccer Football. The MCG is the spiritual home of Australian Aerial Pingpong Oval Ball Football.

And we all know why more people play soccer; it's easy to play. Not necessarily better.

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