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That is some white privilege right there by @Leeplumberdj.

Tony Tea

Note to media: a streaker does not wear underpants. (Not when s/he's streaking, anyway.)

Big Ramifications

Imran Khan, never a shortage of attractive young Aussie girls keen to get down to his member's end and face a couple of balls. And he's hung like a rogue elephant too, Imran.

I'll never forget on the 72/73 tour with the Rest of the World team, I was sharing a room with him, and one night he cracked one through the covers and I can tell you, that little hotel bed of his blew up into something that resembled one of those huge Pakistani marquees.... and boy oh boy, was that something to behold.

The King of Hungary

de Strigis vero, quae non sunt, ne ulla quaestio fiat

Tony Tea

"De Strigis vero, quae non sunt, ne ulla quaestio fiat."

In particular about witches, which there are not, nor may any inquisition be made.


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