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President Mugabe

I'll go with the ape.

Warney, that is.

And for all you who missed out, here's [yeah, naaa - TT]

Shame, Internet, Shane

Big Ramifications

Chris Mainwaring and Gavin Wanganeen were the 2 biggest stagers I've seen. They both had the same technique:

** Get over the ball.
** Grab the ball for a second or two - tops.
** As soon as someone touches you, violently lurch in a random direction with both arms flailing like you've been shot.

I have vague memories of KB doing something similar. Except he would bounce the ball first and appeal for "holding the man". IIRC the VFL changed the rules due to his sneaky little technique.

You don't see the Mainy / Rubberman type rubbish any more. Probably coz umpires got wise to it and coaches would have your nuts nowadays if you gave up possession in the hope of getting a soft free kick.

Tony Tea

I don't call him "Wangafraud" for nothing. Reflexive actor.

Professor Rosseforp

Shane Warne's rewards were potentially higher.
I don't follow Aussie Rules, but I guess if you get a free kick you might get field position or 6 points.
Warnie, on the other hand, actually had an opposition batsman removed from the field if his appeals were successful. I haven't calculated percentages, but he certainly had batsmen removed because umpires liked or were intimated by him, irrespective of the merits of the appeal. Most reputation bowlers have a reputation because they have wickets, but at a certain point, the reputation starts to repay them. I tend to think soccer players (and Aussie Rules players) who get a staging reputation actually start to lose free kicks from the umps/refs after a while.
Likewise, it would take a brave umpire to give Steve Waugh or Greg Chappell out if they were acting like they had not gloved the ball/been plumb l.b.w.

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