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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXWvtHxjfhU (from a year ago, but pretty damning slowmo)


England very hot on the spirit of cricket when it suits them, if the replay i saw on twitter wasn't misleading they warned him the prior delivery, how thick do you have to be to get out of your crease again next ball?

Tony Tea

The "spirit of cricket" is nice in theory, but utter balls in reality, where its use is routinely selectively cited. Like politics, something is "wicked" when the opposition does it, but fine when you do it.

Professor Rosseforp

Was Jos Buttler within 15% of being out of his crease? If so, then he should be given not out on the grounds of optical illusion, and referred to UWA for corrective action on his backing up.


years ago I played in a game where our bowler mankadded a batsman. As captain, I decided to call him back. He wasnt very good and we got him out later in the over, making the bowler even happier as he got the wicket in his stats. Two warnings is more than a hint, its an invitation to try again. Puts new meaning to "I'll get you Butler".

Big Ramifications

As someone who has played a FUCK-TON of indoor cricket, I find it funny that Mankad is a perfectly acceptable form of dismissal. No warnings, either. You snost, you lost.

Professor - love your snark. Magnificent work.

Tony Tea

Ha, ha. Yeah, good one:

Sri Lanka Cricket have a mechanism in place for redressing faulty actions, and a release on Friday evening said Senanayake's case would be referred to the board's cricket committee.

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