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like 6 degrees of separation, just not more than 15 degrees....Nathan Lyon looks like becominhg Australias highest wicket taking off spinner in coming years, needs 41 to pass Hugh Trumble. He has had more stumpings missed and catches dropped than any of our bowlers in recent times. Not to mention bizarre approach to selection. Good on him and Boof for taking the lead. Mind you , its our batsmen playig spin thats more the issue.
PS go the blues, we are rightfully restored.

Professor Rosseforp

How can you be a test-level spinner and NOT be able to spin the ball either way?
They could have bought Lyon a copy of Chappelli's or Benaud's old cricket manuals, and you can read how to do it with simple easy-to-follow pictures.
Or you can figure it out yourself: if a classical finger spinner has an offbreak action by using an "open-the-door" action, then you can bowl a leg-spinner with a "close-the-door" action.
"powerful demonstration of how old grudges have been discarded " -- bad mis-print here, should read "powerful demonstration of how old STANDARDS have been discarded".

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