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Tony Tea

The UWA rubber stampers are set to be put out of business like Australia Post is being junked by email.

Tony Tea

It's a laugh to think of the ICC being bombarded by tech-savvy cricket nerds with home made footage on Youtube showing off spinners (in the main) playing darts on the pitch.

Professor Rosseforp

"It's been pretty quiet for a couple of years" -- is that since Murali's retirement, or since the ICC stopped commenting on the growing number of chuckers?

Chuck Chunder, of the Space Patrol

Elephant in the room? What about a monster in the dunny?

@2:26 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4cFSpqMsl4

Big Ramifications

Unrelated, but I've got to drop it somewhere.... The Bouncer who wrote the Clublife and Standing On The Box blogs has died. http://standingonthebox.com/blog-pieces/the-final-post/

Tony, you put me onto his "ripping" blog with an AGB post 9 years ago.

Tony Tea

Coincidentally, I haven't read it for 9 years.

Big Ramifications

Neither had I. After your GLOWING recommendation I spent maybe 2 hours - 3 hours, tops - reading all his previous posts.

Great story teller, but a complete flogger.

Towards the end of my perusing of his blog he wrote a piece where he explained that the N WORD was the worst word evarr. The N WORD made him very sad and was the worstest word in the entire world.

Yet for each of his previous 155 posts he was disdainfully calling pub patrons "Guidos" with impunity, a barely disguised hatred of young New Jersey-Italian males and their wannabe lookalikes. Total flogger hypocrite.

But he could spin a yarn, I have to give him that.

Big Ramifications

While I've got all y'all's indivisible attention....

If retired 1980s West Indian batting DOYEN, Larry Gomes, started a building company, would he call it Larry Gomes Homes?

I think he would.

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