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Anyone ever see this 99% study?

Tony Tea

I've asked that often. No one I know has seen it. Presumably, if it exists, the ICC and the chuckanistas don't want to offend 99% of the cricket community. And if it doesn't, well, would anyone be surprised? I've also asked how they managed to assess the actions of pretty much every bowler before slow motion tv.

Professor Rosseforp

One of the problems I have with the "99% of bowlers in cricket straighten their arm to some degree" is the notion of when the straightening starts, and even in the original papers this is not clear (I'm willing to admit I may be too ignorant to understand the terminology). But assuming a fast bowler has a straight arm, the arm should bend back a bit during the swing, at the elbow joint, because there's a weight at the end of the arm, i.e. a cricket ball.
So does this count as part of the straightening?
Does the movement from the "bend-back" of the elbow to the straight arm count as straightening?
Since the law stated that straightening or bending should not occur immediately before or after the delivery, are some bowlers being counted as "benders" after they have delivered the ball, when the bending has no impact?

Professor Rosseforp

"Fast bowling arm actions and the illegal delivery law in men's high performance cricket matches" by Marc R. Portus, Charles D. Rosemond & David A. Rath. in Sports Biomechanics. Volume 5, Issue 2, 2006.
This is the closest I can see to 99%. Haven't seen the original article, but the abstract says it looks at 34 deliveries from 21 elite fast bowlers (test, tour and one-day). 31 of the 34 deliveries involved throwing (91%) -- not sure how the 34 were selected or whether there were other non-throwing deliveries, and not sure if all 21 bowlers threw.

Tony Tea

At the risk of coming across all bull moose told-ya-so, I've been banging on about that too. We'll, 160+ posts on chucking suggest a fair bit of banging on. It's what I mean by wobble arm. The ball dragging the arm back. It's nothing like the intentional bending of the arm to pinch extra spin.

Big Ramifications

Excellent point, Professor.

eg. "Big Merv" Hughes had a really strange bowling action IMO. His bowling arm was SERIOUSLY bent during the "back foot takeoff" of his delivery stride, with his biceps fully flexed and the ball curled up under his chin. But he straightens it out in quick enough time that no one has[could] ever accuse Merv of being a chucker.

But I like your comment "the problem [...] of when the straightening starts." Would the UWA shills and mystery men of the 99% study count Big Merv as a chucker?

Big Ramifications
One of the problems I have [...] is the notion of when the straightening starts.
Excellent point Prof. Would Merv Hughes be considered a chucker by the Murali fanboys at UWA or the faceless authors of the mysterious "99% study"?

At the start of his delivery stride his biceps was fully flexed with the ball curled up under his chin. You couldn't get a bowling arm more bent. The arm straightened itself out somewhere along the line – early enough that he was never considered a chucker by Joe Q. Public.

But what sayeth the egg heads?

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