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Half Cat on a motorised scooter. That is all you need.

Tony Tea

Drunky the Bear at Melbourne Storm versus Auckland Warriors in 1999 is my entertainment high water mark.

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Hoodoo Gurus a few years back at the league grand final were good. International stars - oxymoron. Lots of kiddies representing their local area, just as Paul Weller described, thats entertainment.


and anyway Clarkey, who wants people at the cricket who dont follow cricket. Thats why CA invented the Big Bash. Leave test cricket out of this vacuous debate.


The only non-cricket entertainment I want is where they raffle off tickets and the winner gets to chase the selectors around the ground with a cricket bat and/or stump.


I thought Hunters & Collectors weren't too bad last year, and was going to add that you can't go too far wrong with local talent.

Then I remembered Angry Anderson and the batmobile.

Professor Rosseforp

Could Clarkey just forget this idea?
There's enough crap at sporting events with multi-decibel music blasting, out-of-work actors in hot character costumes, girls with bleached hair and bad tan jobs waving bits of tinfoil around ... we don't need Hammond organ chords blaring out when someone hits a home run.
How about we get rid of all the "entertainment" and enjoy the sporting entertainment in peace and quiet?
Anyone who thinks Americans are good at organising "events" need only cast his or her mind back to recent Oscar awards, where Billy Crystal was the host of choice. His task was to read lame in-jokes to a bored audience. I doubt he understood them himself.


What's Clarkey on about?

Best entertainment of the summer was Mitch running in after tea with a pissed up crowd roaring their heads off, no off-field shit will ever beat that atmosphere.

Even the English fans enjoyed it while hating it.


Spot on Lou. The fear that you smell when a fast bowler is terrorising a batting lineup is why you go to the cricket. Beats hearing 80's tunes being rehashed badly.


Everyone should take a leaf out of Lord's (Lord's's?) book. The last time I went there for a Test, the ground announcing was priceless, in that it could barely be described as such. For every new batsman or change of bowling, the PA would fire up, there'd be a pregnant pause and you'd hear "...... Steve......... Harmison....." or similar, in the most grey, deadpan voice imaginable. Which was the extent of the announcing for the ENTIRE DAY. If there was more of that, I'd be happy!

Tony Tea

Bit quiet round here, so: Alcohol causes permanent brain damage in young people.

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