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Tony Tea QC

I appear for the defense, and via my meticulously assembled evidence will categorically prove that the defendant is guilty.

Professor Rosseforp

A lot of the predictions have some of the same letters in their names as the actual officeholders -- and get this -- every single one of the names that Warnie picked consists of vowels and consonants -- and so do the incumbents' names!
So I think the letters were coming through, they just got a bit jumbled. No doubt the Great Warneo will finetune his prophetic powers to a higher level.

Eric Mercantile

One right up your love street, Tones.

A Pun

Clyde of the Wrathbone

Big Ramifications

Fark homos. Seriously. Fark them and their arseless chaps and the horses they rode in on.

I recently read a great quote re: the THIRD WAVE of feminism, and I paraphrase badly:

Feminism has won all its major battles in the last 40 years. The current wave of feminists have lost direction, what are they bringing to the table? The raunchification of tweens and "slut walks". What a shameful state of affairs.

I'm similarly calling it on the Rainbow Nation. Pull your farking heads in already. Just what, exactly, was this "big-money sports in Australia need to respect gays tooooo!" autograph-fest with all the respective CEOs and head honchos? Why did homosexual lobbyists think it was so needed? Jeez, talk about 1 finger pointing 3 fingers pointing back.

It's as if the Left, after their "the war in Iraq is illeeeeeegal!!" shoutfest lost momentum, decided to poke their big unwelcome noses into popular sports [after all their other momentum-losing shoutfests eg. "freeee ta refugeeeeeez!", occupy Wall Street, and - get this - ''the GREATEST moral challenge of our time''.]

I can remember when, less than a decade ago, the average response to a sporting topic on a Lefty blog was "eewww, sport is stupid." I yearn for the days.

**Oscar Pistorius. What a farking joke. And wasn't it good giving him a massive swelled head. How did that turn out for you all?
**Casta Semenya. An even bigger joke. It's not a zero sum game you idiots. Sometimes someone's feelings are gonna get hurt. Sometimes the answer just has to be "no".
**And this sort of Lefty-driven crap: https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-premiership/st-kilda-schoolgirl-kim-duthie-retracts-sex-and-drugs-claims-against-ex-afl-player-agent-ricky-nixon/story-e6frf3e3-1226072096461 and https://www.theroar.com.au/2012/06/19/justice-brett-stewart/ "Professional sportsmen baaaad. Teenage bints gooood."
**And possibly the biggest joke of them all, the Labor Party sponsored, pay-no-attention-to-the upcoming election "blackest day in Australian sport rocks the nation" hahahaha I'm still laffing. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/archive/news/ex-asada-chairman-richard-ings-says-its-blackest-day-in-australian-sport-as-scandal-rocks-nation/story-fncagcd8-1226572700028

Big Ramifications

Rainbow Nation = homosexual squeaky wheel POWERBROKERS and the flag they rally under. Not the Archbishop Desmond Tutu inspired term for South Africa.

I'm sure 95.7% of the lernd AGB Cricket readers would have worked it out.


meanwhile, back at the cricket. Just bought "The Urn Returns", so 10 hours of Easter has been allocated.

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