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Nice to hear a bowler come out and say '**** it, I'm going to see if chucking helps.'

Or at least that's what I heard.


Yeah, at least he's honest. Mind you, I've never
Noticed anything dodgy about his action before.

Tony Tea

Successful spinners are always looking for a new delivery.

Big Ramifications

Let me get this straight.... they change the chucking rule to give bowlers 15 degrees grace.... and now this 15 degrees has become the new 0 degrees.

I am shocked.... SHOCKED.

Whatever "grace" you give, 1cm or 50cm, top flight sportsmen being top flight sportsmen, will always push their luck to get an advantage. The new "grace cut off point" will become the new target of a bowler's front foot. http://aftergrogblog.blogs.com/cricket/2013/12/balls.html
Tony Tea

Belay that, Chesty Sizzle. Are you claiming your mum's opinion as your own? Poor form.

Big Ramifications

I wuz hoping no one would actually click on the link. Bah stupid mum commented and forgot I was logged on honest.

Tony Tea

Since you mention it, Sizzle. The link is bolloxed.

Mick Nolan

Tony Tea, don't think of fixing it or anything.

Did you know I was captain coach of the QLD state team after I retired from VFL footy?

Tony Tea

I knew he'd been in Queensland. Did you know Mick was born twice?

Jeff Fehring

Tssk tssk. Playing a bit loose with the facts, maybe there Mick? Your Wiki page says you were "captain and coach" of the QLD state team, not "captain coach".

Can you assure the good readers of AGB Cricket that your captain-coach Venn diagram intersected?

Did you know I kicked one of the longest AFL/VFL goals in history, all because I was mighty ticked off at the time? Now that's a fact.

Richard Buckminster Fuller

Jeez. Every time I hear them mentioned I shudder.

John bloody Venn and his stupid bloody diagrams. How did such a simplistic, twee idea become so famous? The damn things become near useless if a problem has more than three variables.

And I tell ya, they jolly well lead the fields of mathematical logic and computer architecture down the dead end binary 10110100 path to the nightmare we find ourselves in today.

Now, the geodesic dome. There's a thing of beauty. Even carbon molecules pinched my idea.

Walther Bauersfeld


Richard Buckminster Fuller

Tell it to the US Patent Office sizzlechest.

Enzo Ferrari

Hey Bucky, I wouldn't be crowing too loudly about making things of beauty.

What in the hell drug cocktail were you on when you came up with the idea for your Frankenmachine? Gah! My eyes!!

Professor Rosseforp

I watched the youtube video and it only goes to prove that critics of Muralidharan were horribilising, and completely over-the-top when they said his bowling action would infect the whole game.

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