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Tony Tea



So is Faf a proud Sikh warrior?

Tony Tea

Intemperate Boer warrior.


We were sikh of him being so boering, that's for sure.

Daryl Eastlake

Pearce off, Jack. Gibbs on.

Jack Gibson

Don't tell me to piss off, ya fuck knuckle.

Tony Tea

Me and my old mate Stakeholders agree:

James Sutherland says the barking dogs incident during the Cape Town Test might have been childish, but it was still funny. ''That's just typical childish cricketers. But he asked for that with his comments a few days earlier. Some people might not see the humour in that but I did.''

There appears to be an awful lot of moaning in the Aus press about our naughty cricketers. Got to have something to whinge about I guess. Winning the Ashes so convincingly and then topping the no 1 team in their own backyard doesn't leave them with much else to bitch about apart from manners.


Cricket team is held up to much higher scrutiny than the wallabies, Kangaroos, Netball team etc. Only reason is that it is over 5 days, so there is a greater chance to exploit any issues. stump mic picks up stuff that you dont hear in other games. All the other games are over in 80 mintes or thereabouts, and they are played at a hectic pace relative to cricket

Tony Tea

There is also the misguided assumption that cricket is a gentleman's game. If any game is not a gentleman's game, it is cricket.


especially womens cricket


Lose pretty or win ugly?

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