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I don't blame players for firing shots back at journos in that way. Clarke is usually media-friendly.

Professor Rosseforp

Agreed -- Clarke isn't claiming he was personally dismissed by reverse swing.
He's actually acknowledging that the other side bowled very well -- South Africa and Australia have both been gentlemanly in acknowledging the good points about the other teams.
Clarke is saying they bowled reverse swing well.
The question of his dismissals and recent poor form is a separate issue.

Earnest Bovine

Tim Lane's take on that interview is decidedly biased towards his media mate.

Here's the interview.

Maxwell kept on prodding Clarke for an explanation of why the Oz batsmen collapsed. Clarke kept repeating that they were out done by a superior team. At 1 minute, 44 seconds, Maxwell finally unleashes his barrel load of snark and derisively says:

"These middle order collapses, they've become...ummm...a bit regular [snide emphasis in voice], what can you do about them?"

Up to, and including, that question, it wasn't so much an interview as it was a prolonged heckle.

Maxwell winds up his ridiculing badgering with a terse "So how stunned are you about what's happened here this afternoon from the position you were in at tea?"

What's Clarke supposed to say? I'm 100% stunned, humiliated and embarrassed. This is the worst ever performance by an Oz cricket team and we should all be dropped?

It was a poor and ill mannered interview by Maxwell and if Clarke did return serve with a snide jib of his own after the harassment I don't blame him. Who on earth do these journos think they are? God's Divine mandate? Above reproach with a licence to free range spew insinuations with large doses of sarcastic sneering?

Pull your combined heads in, Maxwell and Lane.

*What exactly was the point of Lane's piece anyway? It seemed to our way of thinking much in line with the scornful style of Maxwell's interview. A whole lot of hubris and not much light.

Earnest Bovine

The first part of the "interview" is chopped off but you can hear the glee in Maxwell's voice: "It's Durham all over again! Yippee. Look at you shit Ozzies! Ha ha. I am your superior!"

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