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Big Ramifications

Exactly, Tony. I don't know any Aussie who isn't embarrassed about it.

Great to watch it again. The thing that stuck with me after all these years, seeing it live on telly, was Rodney Marsh saying "nah mate" and shaking his head.

The bits I missed first time around I've whittled down to 40s highlights package. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccinMF8aRuk

** Bill Lawrie predicting the delivery using his awesome powers of being an ex-Vict.. [think music].. torian skipper.
** Umpire Wheezer?!
** Richie's awesome takedown.

Tony Tea

Fairfax fail.

On this day: Chappell's historic bowl underarm bowl

It was the sporting move that infuriated a nation - Trevor Chappell bowled an underarm delivery to stop New Zealand tying with Australia in an one-day international match.

It was on this day - February 1 -in 1981 that the cricketer made history when he found an un-orthodox way to prevent New Zealand batsman Brian McKechnie from hitting a six at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Australian captain, and brother, Greg Chappell reported instructed Chappell to deliver the legal but unpopular move to save the match. A dismayed McKechnie blocked the ball but it was all over - Australia won no full stop

(Nor do you "deliver" a "move".)

Thirty three years on, Chappell's move is still hailed as a glorious day for Australian cricket but across the Tasman it's another story - then-Prime Minister Rob Muldoo called it "the most disgusting incident I can recall in the history of cricket".


Alana Scheiße.

Crikey! I'm in The Wrong Thread

Anita Hanchob.


I wonder if Scheiße got da gig from her 15+ bonus IQ points or intensive ethnic networking?


Crap, KP's been sacked! Who am I going to hate now??

Tony Tea

Australia should draft Kevin Pietersen as an unrestricted free agent.

Dewey Finn

Actually, it's Schnayßlay.


Put up the saffa test post.

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