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Professor Rosseforp

Glad to see that the comments on the article about Mr Argus saw through the flaws in his claims. Maybe it helped Cricket Australia and the team just to have a big boss looking at what they were doing to make them realise they hadn't really thought about what they were doing, or developed it into a workable plan.

Argus Tuft

Good call Prof Prof. Just went through the comments and nearly all of them hit the mark demonstrating, as is usually the case, the ordinary cricket fan and man has a far greater grasp on the requirements for success than the men in the boardroom.

Old school Anglicans with their pompous reports, their obsession with their own private wealth, their anti-nationalist treason and their worship of Mammon can go and get stuffed.

Archdeacon Tony Tea

I'm an old school Anglican and I agree with the comments. And I am better than you.

Archbishop Mannix


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