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Why won't they pick Lynn or Burns? Surely one of them would be worth at least taking on tour? If they aren't going to play Marsh, why pick him?> I have a horrible feeling he'll line-up at 3 in the first match.

Philander will make mince meat of him.

Tony Tea

I would Love to know the thinking behind the Marsh selection. Obviously it is not on 1st class runs. And the "space" comment cannot be the full picture. WHY Marsh?

Kid Eager

For what its worth Mickey Arthur reckons they will go with Doolan at 3 - as he is supposed to have a good technique for the quicks - and put Watto to 6.

Big Ramifications

Remember when the Australian selectors pulled "Peter Who?" Peter Taylor out of their asses, and had not inconsiderable success? [Poor old Tubby had to wait another 3 years. Ha!]

The selectors all got fat heads over it, and I can swear for a time an ACB culture developed, a gambler's mentality of always selecting one lucky no-name chump for every squad.

eg. Ian Healy's selection was 100% motivated by Australian cricket POWERBROKERS trying to repeat the Peter Taylor witchcraft. Chattering and incanting around the selectors' table cauldron like the 3 witches in McBeth. 100%. I'm callin' it, by God!.

He was third-string state wicketkeeper for Chrissakes. It was a fair dinkum outrage.

So, um, my point is that maybe Invers, the silly old codger, wants to leave a legacy and be remembered for his prescient selection genius.. maybe this is "Peter Taylor" moment?

Big Ramifications
this is HIS "Peter Taylor" moment

Bloody hell, I must have proof read it 5 times.. and ya make one small change right at the end, on the fly..

Tony Tea, a less dramatic answer to your "WHY Marsh?" question: International experience.

63 international matches, including 7 Tests. He's been on a number of grueling tours in PRESSURE COOKER places such as South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, and the West Indies.

I'm not saying it excuses the selectors' baffling decision. Jeez, every cricket playing monkey and his uncle has international experience nowadays. Just throwing some ideas out there as to what their thinking was.

I wouldn't rule out nepotism as being a factor, either, what with his surname and all. Rogue egos and Masonic levels of wankery still flourish in many sporting organisations, sad to say.

Tony Tea

Shaun Marsh: slap!


Alright boys... Have I missed much?

(After Melbourne - and sorry not to meet up with any of you, the sane ones - we drowned our sorrows for 24 hours and then I flew to Verbier, where my family has a small chalet, and I've spent the last three weeks skiing cricket out of my system...

Well done to Aussie - look forward to renewing battle in 18 months. Perhaps we'll give you a game!

Tony Tea

Sorry not to catch up, Dan, but I was unable to get along to the cricket, etc.

How's the Swiss tennis madness? Roger and Stanimal in the Aussie Open final and Switzerland would go off. Street parades, civic receptions, cows for all.


TT, Russ has his latest installment of Idle Summers as an article on Cricinfo. Quite an unusual read for that site. He's put some of the sports journos to shame.

food terroirist

sMarsh picked up a calf "strain" in the 5th ODI.

Is he now the new PaperCut? Son of Paper Cut?

Big Ramifications

I was taught there is a difference between a strain and a sprain in SPORTING INJURY terms. Can't remember the specifics.... but I was just wondering about your scare quotes up there.

Tony Tea

I took "sprain" to mean that, since it is injury prone Marsh, the injury is something worse than a sprain.

Big Ramifications

I thought "sprain vs. strain" classification depended on the severity or maybe the specific type of musculoskeletal injury, but it's more straight forward than I remembered:

A sprain means you tore / stretched a ligament.
A strain means you tore / stretched a muscle or tendon.

I took "sprain" to mean that, since it is injury prone Marsh, the injury is something worse than a sprain

Thanks Big Tone, I think you're right [except that he didn't say "sprain"]. I thought Food Terrorist mighta been taking the p!ss, implying a face-saving non injury that was hiding a bigger story.

Big Ramifications

How would you classify this Aussie sportsman's famous injury? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2AcSNI4dqI

Jonathan Brown


Tony Tea

Looks like Marsh has been replaced by Hughes.

Tony Tea

Phil Hughes: space invader.


Funny how late replacements are most often New South Welshmen.

M. Patard

How come you always notice that, m0nty, yet you're such an anti-racist? What determines when you start noticing and when you stop noticing?

Have you checked the BRW Oz top ten wealthiest list and ever noticed anything? Or, say the latest Ozzie to take the mantle from Jamie Packer?


Um, so Pat, your thesis is that I am actually racist against New South Welshmen?

Guilty as charged, m'lud.

M. Patard

No. My thesis is that you use a methodology of noticing things about NSW and Oz cricket selections, correct or not in conclusion being neither here nor there, whereas you decry this same methodology on other matters such as "racism".

I have noticed your inconsistency in application of your seemingly iron clad laws of observation.

(Btw. I've checked your new blog and like it)


So what, you're criticising my brain for noticing things?

M. Patard

No wonder you got banned from Catallaxy.

I'm praising your brain and at the same time criticising it for its duplicity.

M. Patard

Say I were to note that the majority of those selected for Oz were from NSW would this be a sign of my bigotry?

Say I were to note that there was a dominance of a certain ethnic type in those that makeup the Oz BRW, would this be equally a sign of my bigotry?

They are both statements based in fact.

Yet, Tim Bolt declares you a "bigot" should you act on principles and impose boycotts on Israel whilst simultaneously he asserts that Oz is "multicultural", "multiracial".

You, m0nty, are a reactionary. Whatever Bolt is for, you are against. Luckily, Bolt doesn't have an opinion on Oz cricket selections, probably because he's a clog hopping "victim" of pre-school bullying who carries his victimology through to everything he writes, yet, still. He sees himself as a victim and projects that outward.

Thus: you are a bigot. And you started a blog to denounce bigotry.

Who exactly is the joke here is hard to tell.

(Catallaxians will all be strangulated from the nearest bollard when the time comes).

M. Patard

Ozzies love to promote themselves as non-racist.

They donate their money,

to the most Othered thing they can not resemble.

Ozzies are champions of feeling good about yourself.

Tonight there'll be a fight, and, god damn it, they'll find a cause:




There's always a cause with Ozzies.

Ozzies have two sources of info, Left and Right, which they'll haggle over
and over
and over

Ozzies think the world is racist and at the same time they think the world should be like them.

Ozzies never see anyone deserving of charity unless it's promoted by Glen McGrath.

They *all* thank themselves for every donation. Receipt or no receipt, even better.

Ozzies are proud.

M. Patard

Ozzies are so fair minded they love hearing themselves get shitbagged.

M. Patard

Ozzies never see anyone deserving of charity unless it's promoted by Glen McGrath.

And the reactionaries will declare that as evidence of racism.

Everyone is waiting for pay day.

M. Patard

Obviously, the object of the case was never to actually convict Thomson, since this flaw in the charges should have been plain to all before it got underway. The surprise was that it ever got to court. That was the win condition for the prosecution, since the whole point of the case was solely to produce media coverage like the Daily Telegraph front cover this week shouting I HAD SEX WITH CRAIG THOMSON. Smear was the game, not justice.

Thus spake, m0nty.

Defending the indefensible all on account of his politics which are no more, no doubt, than the wish fulfillment of his own parents handed down through nurture or nature.

Never let a simple matter like honour, principle or duty cross his lips.

M. Patard

Um, so Pat, your thesis is that I am actually racist against New South Welshmen?

Guilty as charged, m'lud.

You do know that this can be forever argued against you whenever you come out with one of your shitty self-hating extrapolated outwards to my own kids viciousness?

You think that politics in this country is between you non-racist/anti-White Liberals and Labor cunts.

You just wait when the White kids realise the disaster that you and yours shat on them. Then you will beg for your life.

Every meme is countered in the internet, as Abbott declares Snowden a "traitor": yet you have not written anything on Snowden providing evidence of our government's spying on us.

You're the enemy just as much as Abbott and his cohorts are the enemy.

Once White kids learn to not feel shame you will get yours.

M. Patard

Futility is knowing that whatever you say is of no consequence or if it is, could mean the end of your pay packet.

Futility is writing comments on blogs that have long ago lost it to Twitter.

Futility is arguing in the medium that most choose to masturbate, or indulge their ego through link and link.

Does anyone really misunderstand selection policy, or the fact that their job is long gone?

Fuckwits argue over Abbott and whatever shitstain the Labor movement threw up.

Barry O'Farrell could not no more give a shit about abortion, or mandatory sentencing, than Kristina Keneally.

M. Patard


The Wset was lost at Stalingrad.

M. Patard

Just such a stupid Leftwing reaction I lost my diction.

The West was lost at Stalingrad.

I feel nothing but sadness at that loss.

M. Patard


I sure got carried away there last night.

Must have been enjoyable.


It took me a lot longer to get banned from Catallaxy than you, Pat. You didn't last a day.

Bolt doesn't care about cricket because he's Dutch.

I'll get around to Snowden at some stage, I suppose. I haven't thought of anything interesting to say on the matter as yet.

You're a wordy drunk, Pat, but not very lucid.

Big Ramifications

I sure got carried away there last night.

Exactly. Your Tim Bolt / boycotts on Israel comment was all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIOfUhqChZ4

Big Ramifications

nb: You were both guys, Pat.

And after I read it I was all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShTLkkGZDyk


No tour match. I guess that means it's Doolan for a cap. Our Phil needs to carry the drinks as beautifully as he can.

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