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ah the comeback trail. it can be a long and winding road.


I thought only mad dogs and englishmen went out in the 43 degrees?

You're a braver man than I Tone, but I guess it's worth remembering that the line between bravery and stupidity is very slim.

Big Ramifications

If I made a comeback it would be a big comeback. We know.

Professor Rosseforp

I also haven't played for about 22 years, but your description of your comeback sounds like me in my pomp.


I will be returning to the (field) hockey (artificial) turf this year, according to the wife. I qualify for veteran's now. This is simultaneously comforting and depressing.

Tony Tea

Well, I got through a second training night. No heat collapse this time. One bloke who was not there last Tuesday introduced himself and then twigged "Oh, you're that bloke." Reasonably mobile, Balls in the right areas, but as the night wore on both knees, my right side and my shoulder protested.

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