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Stars then daylight.

Tony Tea

@twinklebaby1: How ironic @MichaelVaughan @BumbleCricket pic.twitter.com/C6AtydvRAu”. Lol

— Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) January 12, 2014

Something of interest: apparently Aaron Finch is the first Victorian to score an ODI hundred at the MCG. Dean Jones' highest was 96 or something. Who'd've thunk it?


If Finch plays like that in every game, he will get 100 in every game. Straight bat, ans a shit load of luck in the first few overs. Poms cant take a trick.


If Fincsh opens the batting, and Jackson Bird closes the innings, then you could call our order a little flighty.


Our ducks would all be in a row.

The Mongrel

Tonight's game deserves at least one comment.

It comes courtesy of the ECB (for those who don't read Tone's Twitter feed on the right):

Faulkner has entertaining figures of 1/70 as @josbuttler drills him over cover to the rope. 268/5. 4 overs remaining #AusvEng

Followed by https://twitter.com/CricketAus/status/424137206769262592

The Mongrel

For more Twitter commentary, see http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1926798-englands-loss-to-australia-and-james-faulkner-in-2nd-odi-twitter-melts-down

Biggeth Ramifications

Ben Dorries is a fucking idiot. I hope he was p!ssed when he wrote this.

England's cricketers, already the biggest losers of the sporting world, are now the biggest chokers as well after failing to defend 8-300 at the Gabba.

It was an astonishing and epic ending to the game when Faulkner, who last year became the fastest Australian cricketer to score an ODI century, came in at No. 9 and went on an amazing six-hitting rampage.


All of Faulkner's five sixes came off Ben Stokes and if England couldn't win Friday night's game they might as well give up and go home.


Biggeth Ramifications

You read correctly: "the fastest Australian cricketer to score an ODI century"

Tony Tea

I read that last night and also queried the "fastest Australian cricketer" faux pas. Had a bit of a giggle too. I put it down to the fact that Borries punched it out a mere millisecond after the game finished.

M. Patard

Maybe Dorries was drunk.

Speaking of which, and Carlton, and AGBC, just came across this vignette from the past:

For our sake. 500,000 Victorian children say vote yes that liquor bars be abolished. No licence is NOT prohibition - it is WISE RESTRICTION.

Interesting to note that the usage of capitalisation to make a point has antecedents with hysterical zealots.

From the past to the present: Vote NO "for Jesus' sake".

Right. Time for some beers.

Btw, just also learned that the original quote from Sam Griffin "I allus has wan at 11" actually concluded with: "It's a habit that's got to be done. Cos if I don't has wan at 11, I allus have 11 at one!''

M. Patard

Joke I just read in a YT commentary section:

Where did Haydn come from?

No one knows. He was always Haydn, so nobody could find him.


I may be just waking up on a Sunday morning but James Faulkner DOES own the fastest Australian ODI hundred. He scored his century off just 57 balls vs India in Bangalore last November. He beat FTB's 67-ball century vs South Africa in the 2007 World Cup.

M. Patard

They are noting that Faulkner is not the fastest Ozzie but the Ozzie who scored the fastest Australian ODI hundred. It's a grammar issue.

Big Ramifications

I backhand-alluded to him being drunk in my intro. And the more I think about it....

Apart from murdering a simple sentence about an ODI record, the rest of it just reads like inane drunken vitriol. "Biggest losers, biggest chokers, rampage! Gaarrn pack up ya bags and go home gaaaaaaahh!"

I'm picturing Brown Bottle from Viz magazine, for those who are familiar.

I was immediately taken aback by what I was reading. Erm, in the >8^o sense.

Peter's small and hairy

Ahh, a rare backhand-alluded.

Peter, Paul and Mary


Tony Tea

Martinez a bit stiff. Stokes was plumb not out. #AUSvENG

— Tony Tea (@AfterGrogBlog) January 19, 2014
Tony Tea

Does the timing make Christian's catch a Classic Catch? #AUSvENG

— Tony Tea (@AfterGrogBlog) January 19, 2014
Tony Tea

At what point does the Big Show's variety ball become an underarm? #LowRelease #AUSvENG

— Tony Tea (@AfterGrogBlog) January 19, 2014
Tony Tea

The #WomensAshes should be called the #Washes * runs away, hides * (Hate mail to the usual.)

— Tony Tea (@AfterGrogBlog) January 19, 2014
M. Patard

Nah, it's all good. Hideousness just got defeated by beauty and now we can all watch the tennis finals again.

Let's hope Eugenie Bouchard rocks Casey Dellacqua's world. Fuck sporting nationalism.

Tony Tea

Casey already has a girlfriend.

M. Patard

Does it look anything like this?

Tony Tea

Like what: a hip hop artist?

Tony Tea

Like this.

M. Patard


M. Patard

"The general public probably thought about it for two seconds and thought, 'That's nice' or whatever they thought and carried on with their own life,'' Dellacqua said.

Never heard of you till I looked up your ugly scone. And I only looked it up after seeing what a delight Eugenie was.

"It wasn't something that I didn't want people to know, it was something that was what it was and no one really asked. You get on with your life.''

What's to know? Two vaginas, one kid. Go figure.

Becky & Friend

But you know.. who understands those rap guys?

They only talk to her.. because.. she looks like a total prostitute, 'kay? I mean.. her butt.. is just so big.

M. Patard

Even White boys got to shout?

Nu-ah! I don't think so. Talk">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2CyQ7Eslg4">Talk to the hand bayybeee.

A Sharipova v Bouchard sunset is a tennis fan's delight.

M. Patard

Fucked up link, again.

M. Patard

The two Italian lesbians are taking the strap-on to the two Ozzie Russians at the moment.

Ah, wymins tennis. And you wonder why nobody cares.

Big Ramifications

Wow, Pat. I never knew Casey Dellacqua was so. Kid and all!

This is my favourite women's sport at the moment.

0:10 "All right girls, that's a wrap."
0:12 "Look, that's a wrap [Julia, look out]"
0:15 "Girls...."

Big Ramifications

Clarkey! God I love that guy. Y'all see his amazing catch in the 3rd ODI at the SCG? Wow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz1SFWqD7pY

Regurgurtating my Youtube video description....

"Best catch taken this Australian summer, better than Jordan Silk's a few weeks earlier.

Look how he caught it. Clasping the ball in his fingers with a pinching motion FROM ABOVE, his hand shaped kinda like it's squeezing one of those old-fashioned car horns.

Maybe the quality of video is playing tricks, or the momentum of the ball caused funny things to happen to his grip....

But I'm wondering if Clarke KNEW he didn't have time to get his hand under the rapidly descending ball and he CHOSE to catch it using that technique? That would elevate his catch from amazingly skilful and cat-like.... to one of the most freakish things I've ever witnessed on a sports field."

Tony Tea

Clarke's catch was tough. Diving and snaffling it with his fingers at square leg, where the ball can be swervy off the bat, makes it a very fine catch. But I still reckon Silk's was better.

Tony Tea

The tone of Tubby's commentary suggests the fortunes have changed and England are still a chance to retain the Ashes. #WWOS9

— Tony Tea (@AfterGrogBlog) January 24, 2014
Big Ramifications chillin' with Jelena Janković
A Sharapova v Bouchard sunset is a tennis fan's delight.

Jelena Janković

6 Grand Slam semi finals and what do I have to show for it?!

Big Ramifications chillin' with Jelena Janković

You deserve a good Slam.

Also Approve


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