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What has Shaun Marsh done to deserve so many chances? FMD.


Great to see Hughes not there. He had three chances already, including a definitive failure in South Africa.

I like both Marsh boys. They have served their apprenticeship as young dickheads - Punter, Roy, Cow Corner, Afghanistan, all the way back to Miller... it's a well worn dickhead path. Now that Shaun has hit 30, he gets a decent shot. Test cricket is an old man's game.

Amazing how strong we look on paper now, with the Ashwash fresh in our memories. But the Varks look much stronger.

Tony Tea

March's numbers are nothing special and he is lucky to be in the squad. Same for Hooley Doolan, for that matter. Still no one knocking the door down and it looks like the selector group has raffled Bailey ' s replacement slot.

food terroirist

seriously, sMarsh?!? Whats he done to deserve this call up?

He hasn't had any form in shield cricket for last 3 seasons, his stats show he doesn't play long innings.

Bailey deserved to be dropped, Hughes doesn't need a recall so soon after his last gig in the test team... but sMarsh? His 100 doesnt count - it was against a very, very piss poor Sri Lankan bowling attack.


The weird obsession with SOS continues. I'll be he was shocked when he got the call to say he'd been selected. Even he can't think he deserves it.

How bad are our young batting prospects that he keeps getting chances on the back of such shithouse first class form?

Big Ramifications

I knew having Snoop Dogg as an Australian selector would lead to problems. Behind the scenes, Snoop was lobbying hard for Bailey, actively pushing for his retention for the South African tour.

An ACB insider told me it seemed like Bailey would get over the line.

Just before the selectors' final meeting during a Big Bash game at The G, Invers spots Snoop at the water cooler in the long room. Mano on mano, Invers decides to enquire if Snoop thinks Bailey is about to come good.

Snoop seizes his moment, waving his finger around like a preacher, he loudly declares "You better ax somebody!"

It was Guenter Schabowski all over agin. Kinda. But with Ebonics.

food terroirist

sMarsh, Faulkner & Bird all could miss the tour with injuries (well Marsh's withdrawal could be called an act of a merciful god).

Next in like?
Our Phil (please god don't make it so), Voges, Khawaja.

Pseudo all rounders: Cam White, Henriques, who the fuck else is there?

Bowlers; Sayers or Coulter-Nile. Anyone watch Hilfenhaus or Doug The Rug's form during the shield season? Whats the word on the recovery status of Cummins & Starc? Since Invers is already picking players on how good they look in the short form game, might as well chuck em into the last few BBL games & see who looks the best!


The Rug had a good shield season from memory.

Tony Tea

That's Faulkner, Marsh and now Watson. Who's picking this Australian squad? A black cat.

food terroirist

this is turning into a comedy.

sMarsh withdrawn because the sectors didnt think he would be fit enough for the 1st warm up match... Watto goes down with a soft tissue injury (calf), so sMarsh is back in the squad.

Hughes batted at #7 & top scored in the practice game yesterday. Does that mean sMarsh is still ahead of him in the pecking order? Doolan > sMarsh > Hughes?
I'ld bat Hughes at #3, Doolan/sMarsh #4, Clarke, Smith, Haddin

BTW did anyone watch sMarsh's innings in the BBL final? I missed most of it, did see Mitch Marsh go bananas in the last 5 overs.


A black cat that walked under a ladder and smashed a mirror.

It is getting funnier. Why take Marsh back over? Henriques is there for all-rounder cover, ain't he? Seems to me that Marsh was first pick over Doolan or it makes no feckin' sense.

Marsh looked alright in the BBL, fairly confident, did his usual thing of ripping an inexperienced/average spin bowler a new one.

His wee bro played a funny hook off Rug, could have played it as a pull from around his navel if he hadn't decided to kneel for it.

The younger Marsh does hit the ball over the fence with the greatest of ease.

food terroirist

Yeah lou, where the hell does Henriques stand in the selection roulette? Has he been brought over just to hang out with the boys & let their winning aura rub off on him? Specialist drinks carrier?
No Watto in the squad means Lyon might get shafted in the 1st test if they go with 4 quicks. I can't see Henriques being an adequate replacement for Wattos bowling.

I saw that pull by junior marsh, it went straight down the ground. His innings won them the game, effortless hoiking.

p.s. NZ spanked India in the ODIs & it's been a ripper in the first test match.
Kiwis were on top through the first half, then had a monster collapse in their 2nd innings, India look to have the win, but 2 quick wickets with the 2nd new ball & it's game on.


We need 6 batsman against the best bowling side in the world, so as food terrorist said, hughes 3, doolan 4 clarke smith haddin. Smith and Warner for a few crap overs to buy a wicket. Lyon must olay, now possibly form off spinner in test bowling?
Great shame for faulkner, he would have walked into the no.6 spot, but thems the breaks, or pulls, or strains.
and once more with feeling - Watson never to be picked again unless he can bowl

Tony Tea

Watson's bowling will be missed far more than his batting. Batting he's an FTB, but bowling he is a vital cog in the bowling group and an uncanny pole pincher


Agreed, so thats why he can never play as just a batsman

food terroirist

Yeah, as much as I hate the big blond doofus playing test matches, his medium swing bowling has been important for the team.
He has kept it super tight & takes the odd important wicket.


His bowling is suited to SA if they are planning to turn out bowler friendly wickets. That's not a given of course, they must be wary of Rhino and Studs.

Tony Tea

The bowling is about even, so SA could back their batting to beat our batting.


It's a bloody lottery, is what it is. Good Mitch or Bad Mitch. 200 or stuff all from Pup. Perhaps more to the point, will Pup's good run of toss luck peter out.


Intangibles = best nickname ever

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