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Tony Tea

It is not a case of "we have not won the Ashes since Adam Gilchrist was a boy" it is more a case of "we have not won the Ashes since Adam Gilchrist's boy was a boy."

Big Ramifications

Geoff Marsh's boys used to be cute little boys and now they are beer hounds.

I think cricket is the winner there.

Big Ramifications
"the emphasis is wrong as both articles attempt to add weight to four years."
The "America's Cup / 132 years" thing used to sh!t me no end, even tho I was still a kid. It reeked of hyperbole, and being just a *little bit* too proud of ourselves.

And Jesus, it wasn't like a normal headline faux pas where you could go "tsk tsk" and move on with your day. This bombastic abomination was rammed down our throats daily, for weeks, before AND after we won it.


Tony Tea

I was going to make a reference to the America's Cup, but more from a perspective of the media seemingly inflating four years without the Ashes to 132 without the America's Cup. Something along the lines off "You'd think we'd won the America's Cup after 132 years and not another Ashes after 4 (or 7)."

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