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Big Ramifications

I reckon he was on the gear when he wrote his metafistos.


I can't be bothered reading them. Are they worth it at all?

Tony Tea

In a word: don't bother.

Tony Tea

Come to think of it, as I did while just driving home from the city, the Warnifesto has indeed achieved one thing: it has made the muppets look good. Before the Warnifesto there was widespread condemnation for rotations, etc, et al, and the rest. After the Warnifesto the spread wide condemners started to get a grip on where the muppets are coming from and began to realise the muppets are doing a reasonable-to-solid job as they try to manage a pretty damn convoluted process.

In short: by being so comprehensively debunked, the Warnifesto has turned "muppets" from an insult to a term of endearment.

Big Ramifications

I hear ya, Lou. I glanced at part of one, dunno if it was pt.1 or pt.2. A kind news site had put the jobs and Warne’s appointees in table form. It most definitely didn't have me scrambling to read more.

The special job for Ian Chappell as a sounding board for players had me chuckling to myself. Sounding board?!

ps: Needed more Dawn Fraser. Head of cheerleading.

Tony Tea

What with all the bogus talk of "passion" I was surprised The Fanatics did not crack a job.


Part 1 had a few useful comments, part 2 was really bad

The Don has risen

once a prat always a prat

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