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The Don has risen

we have been WARNEd.

Really who should take notice of a bovver boy who stil thinks he is 25,looks like a ringwraith, has the hairstyle of a prat nad plays hurleying

Big Ramifications

I hope he nails his Warnifesto to a big important door somewhere in the Melbourne CBD.


The blog corridor of uncertainty had a thread on Pietersen once, that three admiring females used as a messaging service, across about 6 months and several hundred comments. A very odd thing...

Big Metrosexual

"Did anyone else see The Cricket Show today, with Shane Watson waxing on about how him and his best 'mate' Clarkey love to go clothes shopping together.... What a disgrace. Hasn't Australian cricket learnt anything since Greg Matthews was king hit?"


Big Ramifications

"we have been WARNEd."

And on it goes.

If I was Warnie I would staple it to James Sutherland's head.

Then I would staple my spare copy to your head, Don.

Ronald Ridout

This must stop at once.

The Don has risen

I would like that since I am a staple diet!

Big Ramifications

Actually, make that comment "I would staple it to John Inverarity's head."

He is older and frailer. So that would make it funnier. Also, tall and lanky is funny.

Hangover Black

I actually lived for 6 months in the city of the place with the big important door. No, not Melbourne.

The Warniphisto

Note Warnie's head is eerily similar.

Tony Tea

Klaus Maria Warnedauer.

"What do they want from me now? After all, I am just a cricketer."

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