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I think I've found the cure for quicket. Send them out on more wickets like the one at Delhi. What a turgid contest was the Wags v Bushies last night. Low, slow and uneven. Conspiring against both bat and ball. Bowleds of all flavours. Chopped on, shooters, played too early or too late. It was disgraceful.


Sounds precisely like the sort of wickets countries will serve up to Australia until we can find a bulk wicket-taking spinner.


By the way. How do you watch the cricket? It's not on any of my channels.


It is on the new ONE HD and SD channels.
Digital only. Not sure if you have upgraded yet.

Golf in HD is a quantum leap. Variations in topology are much clearer and therefore you can see their relevance to the shots played. CH10's footy is pretty good too. They've gone full whack HD unlike CH7 which haven't. ONE also has College Football, NFL, baseball, NHL etc. It's pretty good. Still plenty of filler or niche sports - but enough quality to justify making the switch for any sports fan that hasn't made the upgrade.


No, I haven't upgraded yet. Been meaning to get a flat screen TV and HD. Looks like I better extract the digital. Ooo. That's a good one.

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