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From Cricinfo :

'Johan has an amazing ability to adapt and change things quickly'.

I bet he does. Roy adapts as well.

Of course, with the rabidly biased Saffa commentators, everything Jaapie smells of roses. Has anyone seen this Mendis guy bowl yet? Is he legal?


How biased are the SA commentators!!! They make George Grljusich look even handed.

From the limited footage I've seen Mendis looks fine. Nor have I heard/read anyone - pundits, journos, grape-viners - say he is dodgy.

But Botha is a rank as Murali.


Talking about bias in the west, I listened to Tim Gossage on the SEN coverage of the Anchors v Camry Crows game last Sunday. I thought Ben Allan (current Freo board member) was going to smack him, but he thought better of it because nearly everything he said was correct, if not in an absolute Freo bashing manner. Talking about conflicts of interest, if hes not secretly on the Wet Toast payroll then I'll go hee.

From the little I've seen of Mendis, I don't think he chucks it, but I've got absolutely no idea how he bowls that ball that goes away. Even on the super slomo for Dravid, its looks straight out of the front of the hand, then looks like its spinning to leg like an offie, but then does the exact opposite once it hits the pitch. Same for the Laxman leggie at the end.

I hope he doesn't chuck it, because those wickets there look excellent, and I've had enough of cheating pricks. I could also watch this all day long.

The Don has Risen

Botha based his action on the Harbanator when the latter through some balls as listeners to the ABC on the great tour of India heard Greg Mathews opine when his thinking was loud on the radio.

He should be consigned to the bin like Murali


It's nowhere near as pervasive, but offies chucking is becoming cricket's equivalent of Major League Baseball's steroid era.

The Don has risen

Can I say there is a lot of pressure on umpires not to call chuckers.

Have called one it was a highly 'controversial' decision to make however it was later found the said chucker was indeed a chucker

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