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Professor Rosseforp

This is a game of "what ifs". Murali can only take wickets against the teams that Sri Lanka plays against.
Let's not forget that Australia played against some very crappy opposition, even though they had names like "England".
What if the cricketing authorities had supported umpires who (correctly) called Murali for chucking?
What if Murali was given open slather to throw however he wanted (hang on, I think they did give him that).
What if umpires had not given in to Shane Warne's high pressure appealing (what percentage of his haul did he con out of the umpires? Probably as many as they turned down because they were irritated by him, I suppose).
What if Stuart Magill had not been so conclusively locked out of the Australian team because Warnie was a good bloke, and Magill wasn't? Would Warnie have taken as many wickets as he did?
What if Warnie had served a more realistic and longer sentence for his use of performance-enhancing drugs?

The Don has risen

It is to cricket's eternal disgrace that a person who so blatantly chucks is allowed to still 'bowl' in cricket

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