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K-Rudd out today, eh?
Same day as Pim...

And Lindsay Tanner.

A win for all rangas

The Coalition are doomed. Abbott would have won if he was up against KRudd but now...No chance.

Ease up, turbo. Sheesh.

Ram Bigifications, who's sheeshin' Turbo: me or Patrick?

Patrick, I made the same prediction at Bolt's blog on the 7th of June:

However, what do I know? When it comes to sensible, reasoned and straight-forward analysis, I go to the guru: Peter Brent.

From Shaun Carney, in The Age...
"However, once he won that endorsement, securing a victory for Labor so profound that John Howard lost his seat, Rudd's attachment to humility started to slowly leach away.
His language became more impenetrable, his messages grew more otiose. As the evidence mounted that the public was turning away from him, there was no change in Rudd's approach."

HIS messages became more otiose? Critiquing a guy about 'losing the common touch' by using a word like 'otiose'... well that just smacks of linguistic hauteur.

I'm sheeshing Patrick.

Doomed? No chance?

Great move by Labor. Had to be done. I too was predicting it, even when, only a week ago, his lying colleagues were quoted en masse as saying Rudd will lead them into the next election.

But predicting political outcomes in such emotive, binary terms? I'm not sure if Patrick’s being cocksure for comedy reasons or if he's serious. It's a bit like predicting Australia would be goalless and winless in the World Cup qualifying rounds.

Pretty sure Patrick's not a lefty.

Yeah, I checked his blog right after I posted yesterday. That's why I think it might have been "comedy reasons"!

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution, take a bow for the new revolution. Smile and grin at the change all around me...

Pick up my guitar and play just like yesterday. Then I'll get on my knees and pray we don't get fooled again. Don't get fooled again. No, no!


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

/apologies to Patard at M4 Monologue

Julia has a look of Barry Humphries around the hairline and chinline in the piccie above.

Hi Tony, well done for predicting this. You and I are right but I must say that PETER BRENT is wrong. GILLARD is the most cunning and devious politician to come along in a generation. She will be a two term Prime Minister at least and she will destroy this country in the process with her hard core socialist agenda, mark my words!

One only has to dig a little into her My Schools socialist Website and the socailist NAPLAN tests (not to mention their associated rorts) to get a taste of what's to come. No one is even talking about this yet.

Watch her spin her way out of everything in the lead up to this election and witness her demoralise Abbott at the poles. People will buy into her lies because she's mastered the art of that already and she's only getting started.

People need to wise up to this woman and be very concerned.

None of this has has got to do with "sensible reasoned straight forward analysis", it's got to do with politics and deception and the fact that your average voter is stupid. They must be because look who we have in charge!

If any of it was reasoned and sensible this shambles of a leftist government would never have been voted in to begin with!

Oh and by the way, I'm definitely NOT a lefty and apologise for giving anyone that impression!!!

Cheers to you all.

I'm also definitely not a leftie, but with all due respect Patrick you're spinning shit.

You say Gillard is 'the most cunning and devious politician to come along in a generation' but then suggest she'll use these powers to 'destroy this country in the process with her hard core socialist agenda'. Okkkk.

You wanna know what Australia will look like under a Gillard led government? Pretty much like the last 2 1/2 years except with a chick with big earlobes and an annoying voice doing the press conferences. Yes the slow leftward down spiral will continue but to suggest we'll march full speed towards a 'hardcore socialist' state is utterly ridiculous. She hasn't even come out with any policy yet!

Comments like this don't help the conservative cause, the only place for them is on paranoid hick American talk-back radio.

G'day Cam. Obviously I don't agree with you. We'll see what the country looks like in a few years with her at the helm, only one of us will be correct about the effect she will have on this country.

If you're correct we'll be doing hard Labor in the Gillards (get it?) by then.

I don't think Gillard is going to wreck the country - certainly not in the way Patrick says - I don't think she is going to do much at all. She is probably not a smug, full of him(her)self, slimy, deceitful, spin-crazy toad like Rudd, but she is cut from the same political cloth - do nothing and look good doing it.

Let's hope you're both right about her.

I certainly hope I'm wrong.


Aaaaaahhhhh..... a ginger PM. You all knew it would happen, and the way it transpired was always our plan in the first place. Slowly, but surely, Operation Ranga's plans are coming to fruition. Before long there will be complete apartheid, segregated seating on public transport, all-ginger cricket and rugby teams..... the works.

Mwahahahahahaha!!!! Fools! We will destroy you all!!!

she is cut from the same political cloth - do nothing and look good doing it.

I must have imagined the part where the Rudd government tried (unsuccessfully) to introduce not 1, but 2 of the biggest new taxes in the history of the country.

Well, obviously I meant apart from the carbon fiasco and the mining rip-off. Obviously. Neither of which, by the way, Rudd manage to get up. Probably because he thought he could slip it by a gullible public.

Great call on the Barry Humphries similarity Prof.

If memory serves me correctly Rudd and Co. rode in on a wave of protest votes when no one wanted Costello to end up as PM a year or so, also some big promises such as a shiny new broadband network... so yeah, whatever happened to that?

Credit where it's due however, Labour did a mighty fine hatchet job on Rudd rather than watch him take them to oblivion in the election. Not that I'm sad to see the back of him, well actually I am as I would have liked the chance to vote the prick out, but now Labour may actually have a chance with the "NEW LOOK!" party and a fistful of cash to throw around pre-election.
Unfortunately your average moron... sorry, voter, has a notoriously short memory and will probably fall for it - giving us another four years to see promises being broken, shelved, or wastefully implemented.

I'll vote Liberal, as I judge them to be the lesser of two evils and voting for anyone else is pretty much a waste when there's only two choices.

I got a real Emperor's New Clothes vibe when he said sorry to the Aborigines. Didn't he look all regal and smug and self important?

Then there was the gabfest starring that actress bint, Cate Blanchett. WHAT. THE. EFF? That was uni politics standard wankery. Can anyone name me one thing that achieved, that has been put into place?

His backflip on "the great moral dilemma of our time."? I laughed.

And for some strange reason, right up the top of "my memorable" moments list is the food poisoning / corndog debacle where the lying sack of shit died the coward's death of a thousand cuts over a number of days and a number of interviews.

Think of all the dickheads that cheered this clown into office. They should be sterilized.

Here's a link to a Barry Humphries picture that resembles Julia Gillard.
which leads me to wonder if Julia could do either Dame Edna or Sir Les Patterson.

I thought you meant this.

Love this tweet from Catherine Deveny: "Overheard 'Gillard? Same pit, different snake.'"

Also a good likeness that you have found, Tony.

The Greek Chorus of The Tragedy of Rudd is Comedy Gold.

Well, Brownie, to be perfectly Francis, there are already quite enough LOLcats on the internet.

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