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Have a mug, you go.

Chuckle. This reminds me of that news story I was transcribing, from the ACT, about a week ago. The Government had released for public inspection a very important and visionary 'infrastructure blueprint'. Trouble is, they mispelled the title. It was called


Naturally the journos were all over the 'error-riddled' document. They even had an interview with ACT Green polly Caroline Le Couteur, but here was where the self-righteous journos fell down. They mispelled the name 'Le Couteur', called her 'Le Couter'.

Idiots. It's just a Y on the end not ACK.

Is this the March 2010 Presidential tour cancellation commemorative mug, or the June 2010 Presidential tour cancellation commemorative mug?
Does anyone else think he'll sneak in a trip to the FIFA World Cup, oilspill/healthcare reform or no oilspill/healthcare reform?

And now we're sending illegal refugees to desert camps.

Waiting for Left Wing Howler Monkeys to protest loudly just like they did the last time Australia incarcerated in illegal refugees in desert camps. 5-4-3-2-1...

OK, let me start the count again 5-4-3-2-1...

Hello? Is this thing turned on? Left Wing Howler Monkeys??? Hellooooo?

Er, son? Is this the place to vent?

Seen near the M7: Pic of Obama with the headline "Where the bloody hell are ya??"

I'll try get a pic on my way back tomorrow.

Gold. I demand a copy! Please.

No pic sorry, will try again next week when it's not friday and I'm not in so much of a hurry to get back to good old.... wet.... windy.... zero degree.... Melbourne.

Well, tried last night but a combination of it being night, my shitty camera phone, and said side of building with Obama being some several hundred metres away from the M7 meant I got nothing more than a colourful blur. Getting off the M7 onto Wallgrove road to get closer might be a goer, but going places in a B-double without knowing where one can turn around on said unknown road can lead to unfortunate situations. Like low bridges.

Vindicate, maybe you are someone who can explain what a "B-double" is and where the name comes from?
It seems to have cropped up maybe 5 years ago on news reports. For a long time I thought they were talking about "v doubles", i.e. Volkswagen.

I assumed a B-Double - Big Double? - was eastern states modern media hipster fvckwit code for what 'Gropers call a road train.

Pic says a thousand words, at the same time demonstrating how terrible my phone is at night shots: https://members.optushome.com.au/bulletrat1/52.jpg

As for where the name comes from, the "B" part is in reference to the second trailer known as the "B" trailer - take a guess what the front trailer is called? We're an imaginative lot we are, yep-yep.
Ironically the "double" part is a misnomer because they don't carry double the amount of freight that a semi does, more like 1.5, but I guess it's easier than saying B-one-and-a-half.

Most of the time the media has no clue about what a B-Double is and will refer to pretty much any large truck as one, that accident on the M7 a couple of months ago where a truck hit some cyclists is a case in point - it was a truck and dog tipper, used pretty much exclusively for local work. B-doubles are used primarily for long-haul work, although I'm sure the cyclists involved didn't particularly care as being hit by either vehicle wouldn't be much fun.

Thanks for the explications.
Now that I know there's an A and a B, I think I'll refer to such vehicles as A-B Babies. I hope to hear a chopper traffic reporter using the term soon.

Vindicate, just thought that journos and subbies could have a field day if a B-double DID hit some cyclists and they were on a tandem bike.

Or dumped a load of bubble gum on the road.

Or if both loads were bubble bath, that would be double bubble trouble for B double.

If the lads from the Bobby Fischer thread stroll in here this could really get out of hand...

I'm sure someone could work in the following:

Mirza Zukanovic hooked on Hubba Bubba

MELBOURNE'S infamous "bubble boy" has revealed he is hooked on Hubba Bubba bubble gum.

My favourite ice-cream is Bubble-O Bill -- I like to get the green bubble gum.

Mirza has learned a valuable lesson from this episode "He has vowed never to chew gum in a court of law again" -- now, how to get to the next step, "He will never appear in a court of law again"??

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