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"two whites don't make a wong"

Ah, it's interesting to see that decades after Artie Colour off-colour joke (on colour) is still being recycled. Well called, Calwell.

This Age of Outrage calls for a leavening dose of good old fashioned values.

Luke the Gook > Billy Sing*

"Two hundred meters away, facing the Marine trenches, there was an NVA (North Vietnamese) sniper with a .50 caliber machine gun who shot at the Khe Sanh Marines from a tiny spider hole. During the day he fired at anything that rose above the sandbags, and at night he fired at any lights he could see. You could see him clearly from the trench, and if you were looking through the scope of a Marine sniper's rifle you could even see his face. The Marines fired on his position with mortars and recoilless rifles, and he would drop into his hole and wait. Gunships fired rockets at him, and when they were through he would come up again and fire. Finally napalm was called in, and for ten minutes the air above the spider hole was black and orange from the strike, while the ground around it was galvanized clean of every living thing. When all of it cleared, the sniper popped up and fired off a single round, and the Marines in the trenches cheered loudly. They called him Luke the Gook, and after that no one wanted anything to happen to him."

*pending Tony's approval with regards to "context" etc.

Stop that.

Why would I disapprove? Apart from your enormous link, it's in context and it's gold.

Not that context, or lack thereof, concerns me. The pop earlier was a cross-ref to that other topical "out of context" issue. And in case you missed them, there are approximately 1,256 posts here that head off at tangents.

This is great news! I hope Bonner reprises Roland Winters' "Charlie Chan" as part of his method acting routine and Josh gets to be "Number 5 Son" Tommy Chan.

Tommy Chan: [entering room where Charlie is being held by thugs] Hi,
Pop! What are you doing in there?
Charlie Chan: [laconically] Like puppy that come to smell subway
third rail, you will receive complete information in few moments.

btw Ion Idriess was a famous Oz author back in the day when we just were who we were.

I have an original copy of his "Horrie the Wog Dog" The story of a mascot of Australian forces during the desert war. A title probably now considered to be somewhat politically incorrect!

My old man used to tell us stories from many of his books and one in particular stands out in my mind from "Drums of Mer" where the headhunters had this technique of hitting the victim over the head with a stone club, enough to daze him, then slit his throat all the way back, insert a vine through the mouth and out the throat attached to a stick and reef his whole head of with spine still attached. The body would go off into a spasm they referred to as "the dance of death."

Kids should read Ion's stuff instead of that lame Pom wizard.

Another I'd love to get is Bernard O'Reilly's "Green Mountains": "Green Mountains recreates the events surrounding Bernard O'Reilly's heroic search for and discovery of the survivors of the Stinson wreck." When men were men.

Also, when did the phraseology "who is played by a white." become accepted vogue? I suppose it is appropriate to say that Billy Sing's character should be played by a yellow. But that, that's raaaaaaaaaacist!

Here's a bit of an extended trailer of the movie.


It looks good, but until I get the word from David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz that its worth seeing, I'm not getting too excited about an Australian film. On a bit of a tangent (Sorry Tone!) has anyone seen Beneath Hill 60?

I'm thinking Robert Helpmann as Prince Tuan in 55 Days in Peking. Idriess was a godsend to cryptic crossword creators when an "ion" word ending was required. Probably still is.

Marlon Brando in Teahouse of the August Moon.

Marion Morrison as Genghis Khan in The Conquerer.

Marion Morrison was John Wayne?! Better note that one down for Pub Trivia nights.

I wonder how many men were named Marion? I associate that name with Maid Marian not some big bloke striding the beaches of Iwo Jima and taken down by a Jap sniper firing from a foxhole. "Get that one up ya Marion!"

It's a good Windies name though. Marion Morrison, sublime fast bowler. Though could be better as a Marion Augustine, or better still Augustine Marion.

A good, hard man of the old school style English Capt and 2nd drop would be Marion Martinet.

Kids miss this fun with their video games. We had Freddie Trueman's Test Match where you could make up the names of your national elevens and have a lot of fun in the process.

I like Chinese [but they only come up to my knees].

Ming the Merciless was always played by a white fella.

Always. No exceptions. Evah.

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