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The Rowie & Bone Show - otherwise known as the 5AA match commentary.

Any chance of a translation? What does it mean?
Is there a 'South Australian -> English' setting on Google Translate?

Could be slightly mixed up rhyming slang -- crusty = head, as in crust of bread. Maybe he meant a tap on the crust of head??

I think, but I can't be sure, that a crusty is a bread stick, and the commentators are urging the coach to use it on the players' loaves.

The Rowie & Bone Show: "Virtually unintelligible to non-South-Australians"

I hesitate to ask this, but is that typo in the tagline at the top of the blog intentional?

"a crusty is a bread stick" -- maybe they want a slice of the action.
Or maybe he is suggesting that players be seeded.

In WA, a "crusty" was a hard crack to your opponent's skull delivered via the knuckle joining the proximal phalange and middle phalange of the middle finger.

And it hurts like a bastard, let me tell you.

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