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Searches for his stick. Wonder what the Guide Dog does while all this tactile stimulation takes place.

White stick book?

Somehow I don't expect to find this at my local bookseller...

Isn't there a causal relationship between reading this sort of book and subsequent blindness?

150 squids would buy a good few hours with the real thing.

Or in recession hit UK a week or two.

Hell in some parts of UK it would get you a permanent friend.

Real thing? Real Doll.

The dolls are cheaper than the books.

"I can read you like a book."

"Yes, but there's no need to use Braille."

Boom! Tish!

Extra marks for the historical reference?

I only take these extra steps for your blog, Big Tone. Gotta keep it high brow. Gnomesaying?

Tick. VG.

Those who ignore historical reference are doomed to repeat it.


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