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Last weekend Luke Darcy said "calamity of errors" while describing a play.

That is a rolled gold malaphorism. I love it. Up there with Steve Johnson upon receiving the Norm Smith Medal after the 2007 grand final:

"You must never rest on your morals."


If we can transfer this terminology to soccer, we can see balls thrown from the sideline as "throw unders", or "he was tackled under the penalty area". Will players psychologically move "under the zone"?
And what about Trevor Chappell's [in]famous inarm incident?

What is with ex military guys? Every one I've ever worked with, bar one, has always constantly banged-on about how they were in the Yarmy [Navy, etc etc]. Even the bloody chocos! Christ, ya have to work with me for two years before I start volunteering my CV to workmates [of course there's always the nosey old battle axe who pries it out of you in the first month anyway... but I digress].

So what does Aussie Red Bull Air Race pilot Matt Hall talk about in his promo television advert? He went to war. And that's all he talks about.

Anyway, my points, maybe not malapropisms, but still goof ups:

In his 2nd promo television advert he said he will be "racing in home soil" during the Perth leg.

Firstly, it's "on" home soil. Last time I checked, a plane "in" home soil is also known as a FREAKIN PLANE CRASH.

Secondly, it's in home "air space", surely? Or at the very least "home territory." I try hard not to be pedant snob, but "home soil" for an air race just sounded jarringly stupid.

And thirdly, in his 1st promo television advert [are ya still with me?] he claims that dodging missiles in Iraq is more difficult than a Red Bull Air Race.

I'm calling horse shit on that too. Maybe he meant more stressful, more life-or-death - but not more difficult. I'm guessing these "missiles" were over the shoulder RPGs or some simple portable SAMs. And he, flying high in his 60 brazillion dollar F18 Hornet with all the bells and whistles, would simply press the "dodge missile button" upon hearing the "missile comin' atya" alarm.


BTW, I'm listening to the Red Bull planes fangin' around as I type. Not one "in" home soil yet, as far as I can tell.

I've always liked Hungarian Peter Besenyei*. He's the dude. Mostly because I remember him as being a dude before the series was born. Doing stunts like flying upside down under picturesque 200 year old bridges and stuff, while thousands watched on.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was the inspiration for the series, actually. Some Red Bull marketing boffins were doing lines when it came on the telly.

Plus he has a creepy mass murderer [David Birnie] look to him. I get a chuckle out of sportsman that don't look the part [Larry Bird, Andrew Gaze, and Steve Waugh immediately spring to mind].

[*But if I was James Brayshaw I would introduce him as "the lanky Magyar Peter Besenyei - an absolute super star!!!"]

Political correspondent on Channel 10 was talking about the Ruddy health proposal: "Queensland is rearing to go".

"Consequences. Will never be. The same!!!"


This was doin' the rounds for a week or so before the MSM got hold of it yesterday.

Some background here:


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