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Did ya see who did the music for Pure Shit?

so, does being wrong on 2 counts (5 years before + wrong name)
"if you remember the Seventies, then you weren't there" ?

Great cast in that film.

I'm assuming you're being ironic here, because from where I sit, Waleed Ali is there to hold up the non-sexist philosophy of the ABC by being the automatic response to anyone who says that Catherine Deveny is the worst temp on Australian radio.

Interesting casting in No Roses for Michael, about a junkies life, it had a really straight guy (Brendan Lunney) playing the addict, and the straight friend was played by the biggest 'head' I ever met. A NIDA graduate Terry O'Brien, it was the performance of his life I guess.

I was at the Pure S screening on Sat. Full of ~30 year old film dudes - sporting the classic balding 30 yo No 1 or a rockabilly short cut, with Buddy Holly glasses.

I've got the DVD set if you want to borrow and I have a bunch of stories. I worked at Bouyancy before the film was made...

David: No irony. WA goes alright. I prefer him to Ally Moore. There is NO comparison with CD.

Brownie & FX: My aunt went to the original release in Sydney and me and my brother were a chance to see it, but I can't remember why we didn't go. It wasn't because we were too young. My main memory was the dispute about Pure S vs Pure Shit. Actually, I have a slight memory that my brother might have gone along.

FX: Sound great. Will get my haircut and a pair of Buddy Hollies so I can better appreciate the DVD.

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