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And anyone who wants to give it the "Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?" correction business can get well and trulied.

We had the same thing in a quiz for a work competition. I saw it after the questions were finalised and was a bit "err, you might want to check that one".

They didn't, and decided to pay both answers to avoid chaos. Rubbish.

The far more challenging Dirty Harry trivia question is - which actor appeared in the first 4 Dirty Harry movies, apart from Clint.

Every Dr. Spin knows

a lie told often enough, becomes The Truth.

My first guess answer to that question from RT, would be
Don 'Bodysnatchers' Seigel, who co-owned the bar in Carmel with Eastwood (which featured in Play Misty) but I guess you mean speaking lines, so is it one of the cop colleagues - Inspector Giardino?
I'm so old, Clint will always be Rowdy Yates to me.

Love Clint Eastwood... But can't remember for the life of me what the name of the movie is but I can here him saying it in my head. Uhhh... I hate when my brain does that.

Guardino a good guess Brownie. He was in DH and The Enforcer but not Magnum F or Sudden Impact.

So many good lines in DH "No, don't pass out on me now cop! No, no, no, no, no".

"Which actor appeared in the first 4 Dirty Harry movies, apart from Clint?"

Albert Popwell.

Always found it curious the way he popped up in the four fillums as different characters, with the two that stand out being the bank robber in DH - "I gots to know" - and Big Ed in TE.

Not that there's anything wrong with actors appearing in lots of "connected" films; after all, Clint's films are full of familiar fantastic faces: Matt Clarke, Harry Guardino, Geoffrey Lewis, Bill McKinney.

Brownie's onto the thrust of the post. "a lie told often enough, becomes The Truth." Ignorance spreads. What's the bet whoever thought up the question hasn't seen the film, but is just parroting something they heard elsewhere. The same goes for Neil Diamond. His name is not Noah Kaminski, Danishevski, Polakski, Belushi, Bialistock, Babuska. His name IS Neil Diamond.

Haha that is one of my most used questions in my corporate triva - never fails to land a few suckers ;-)

Dave asked it once.

Did we get it right??

We did.

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