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By the way. The heading above is from the paper, this is the online heading: First review: Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman shine in Australia.

I heard some gushing tripe on ACA or its equivalent just a moment ago.

"With endorsement from Oprah and backing from Tourism Australia, Australia can't afford to be a flop."

Barf inducing on about 3 levels. It was one of those "I wish I was rich enough to throw an extremely heavy steel toecap work boot at the telly" moments.

Even Tony Jones on Lateline was spruiking it. It's un-Australian not to, apparently.

When you name a movie after your country, it had better be good. And not just 'A Night At The Roxbury' good either.

Being in the UK, I feel embarrassed every time I see the advertisement splashed on the big screen. The whole name and... everything is just... crass.

So Tony - what night have you got tickets for - Cheep Chuesday?

I will go and see it just as soon as it changes it's name to something less pathetically pompous, more appropriate: Straya!

Brazil was a great movie.

Although I couldn't remember why it was called Brazil.

I'm waiting for Tierra del Fuego - The Movie!

Seen it.

Not much better than Kazakhstan, the Director's Cut.

Who has handled the PR for this film? It has been a bigger feat than the movie itself, and deserving of the PR equivalent of the Best Film Oscar (TM).
I would have preferred more emphasis on the film's subtitle, Australia : the constitutional monarchy.
I'm looking forward to Australia 2,3,4 etc.

Team America was OK. I've been told. I fell asleep after the "Everybody's got AIDS" musical scene.

our Nic makes me puke. and she was born in the USA state of Hawaii. her face is totally botoxed, and she wanted that baby so desperately that she was back on the set in England 12 weeks after having it. WTF?

Moulin Rouge was absolute rubbish, and

this morning I choked on the headline about some "old girlfriend" of Jackman, immediately thinking it was PR to prop up his heterosexual image, and read on to discover the whole episode was 4th grade. right.

Hugh and Nicole hang at the New York City apartment of Rupert Murdoch and their children have playdates with Wendi Dengs empire-aspirational sproglets.

and none of them can bat or bowl.

link to Daily Telegraph claim that Hughie liked girls when he was 9

I think it amazing..........!

I suspect the PR storm has actually done more harm than good, (even just in terms of bums on seats). It's enough tp bring back the cultural cringe.
I wouldn't be seen dead watching it. No doubt the scenery is pretty though.

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