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This post is pretty obtuse, even for you.

This (cheating) site offers 31 words that fit this template but it is slightly harder without the clue!

Sang with the Belmonts.

Won the Australian PGA Championship in '79 at Royal Melbourne.

pi=pietistic (Roget's 979)
Pian a river in NSW
Job done.

The clue is there. You have to click the picture.

"Sanctimonious article on NSW banker."

Gaz: Obtuse is 6 letters. Doesn't fit.

FX: No. Not Lion and the Belmonts.

RT: No. Not Stewart Girn.

Martin: Thanks.

Sanctimonious = pi

Article = an

Pi + an = Pian = creek.

Got it now.

Mind you, the online Roget doesn't connect sanctimonious and pi. And Pian Creek is very pi-ssant banker.

Got to have the book, I guess. Pian makes it into the Times World atlas which is pretty good for this crossword, which frequently has the most obscure Australian place names. (I'll have the pages containing the words starting'ou' to 'ow' when you get your dictionary.)

Not quite the place for it but ... What is with this weeks dictionary crossword? Both 16 and 17 down are not cryptic. Well I am right piste off!

G'day Martin

16 Down: It's the legislature of the US (8)


Pretty dodgy. I suppose the clue refers to the general version of "congress" as the legislative body of any country, and "Congress" as the legislative body of the US in particular.

17 Down: Not prepared for skiing (3-5)

Off Piste

I'll give it a pass. Just. Or maybe I won't. Perhaps there should have been a question mark at the end to indicate a pun.

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