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Imagine if K-Rudd and Bruce McAvaney got together.

There's be bucket-loads of special complementarity.

Which is more fake sounding? Brizzie or Tazzie?

Good question. Glad you asked it. Will get back to you in due season. Of course, we accept the similarities in principle but subject to timing and availability and conflicting requirements, both still remain our position.

It's going to be a long three years

Most likely more. The Coalition will have to rely on Labor fvcking up big time to win in six, let alone three. Hope they don't just decide to wait out the cycle.

seems like the libs are happy to hang nelson out to dry and take the body punches until Rudd's honeymoon period is over then switch in the pinch hitter turnbull for the next election.

Dawn Fraser for GG. She's a good person, she cares about. Stuff.

Josh: Reckon you're right. And you wanna know what I also reckon? Ok, I'll tell you. Nelson would make a good candidate for PM down the track, after some less electable Libs have had a lash at the job. A bit like what's happened with Rudd.

Biggy: Surprised Our Dawny hasn't already progressed to higher honours. Although, on second thought, on the face of it, there are few higher honours than being the media's First Person Asked About Matters of Olympics and Conscience.

It must have been a hell of a gag he told those Beijing Uni students, the way they cracked up.

Asians are always cracking up at homework jokes.

I *seem* to recall Our Dawn complaining loudly about the lack of free STUFF (y’know, minor stuff like tickets, airfares, accommodation, meals) offered to her for the 2004 Olympics. I *think* the Oz Olympic Committee begrudgingly acquiesced.

Previously, she was one of the official team mentors. Which, as far as I can tell, involved hangin' with the athletes, screaming and carrying on like a 12 year old nuff-nuff at the footy.

Tough gig, that.

So the real cynic in me is thinking the Oz Olympic Committee finally said “we don’t need a 80 year old professional cheerleader sorry Dawnie no free tix for you!” and our Dawn’s done a Fox and the Sour Grapes combined with a bit of “look at me everyone look how I care about stuff I’m a top shelf human pay attention to meeeeee!”

But I’m just a cynical thread-hijacking fat head who needs to get his own blog. As you were, gents!

OD was certainly left of the list of invitees to the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Victoria, Straya, Frank Sinatra.

She was included only after SEN rayjo kicked up a fuss and got Ron Walker to belatedly send her an invitation.

Of course, whether or not she should have been invited depended entirely on whether said list already included Sophie Gosper.

Ha! Was trying to work in a Sophie Gosper quip. Love yer work.

Wasn't the old fister due to leave Oz recently over some domestic incident? Saw the crazy bat's offspring squealing to the fuzz on the sidewalk about sumfink or other. Threatened to leave the country, couldn't handle it anymore, it's a shame a national icon can't live in peace bla bla bla...

Be glad to see the back of the clown.

She popped up on telly the other day when someone asked her about the Tibet/torch bizzo. Can't remember what she said, but I'm sure it was memorable.

Whenever I see Yawn Fraser on the tube, I'm reminded of an old cat with mange, sitting down the back of the yard, yowling for scraps. Someone needs to throw a boot at the bint. Or give it a ticket to UnZud. They deserve each other.

That post made me laff twice.

So it should, Biggy Boy, it's twice as funny as.

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