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A billion people can only rake up one Olympic silver medal??? Wotta mobba pansies.

But that was for shooting, so I'm not about to tell them

Have a look at any promotion featuring sports stars. Are they walking, congratulating their opponents, or losing well? Would England promote their cricket team as 'the good losers'? Did not England fawn over their team when they finally won? Did everyone think that the 'spirit of cricket' award was the ICC's 'Miss Congeniality' award?

Get fvcked. I want 17 in a row and blood on the pitch. After that, I want a rematch with Andre Nel and the Yarps - at least they can give and take it.

ps : I don't remember anyone accusing Stephen Fleming of being against the 'spirit of cricket' when he sledged Graeme Smith to failure before a one day game. In fact he lauded as an innovator and a fine captain. Truly, it is better to have failed and sledged than never to have failed at all.

Having said that, it was an English cricket manager who was happy to add on an extra test to the 1970/71 tour - and nearly provoked a players strike in the process.

Had England lost it, they wouldn't have regained the Ashes.

In addition, I'm sure there are still loads of old dribblies in the MCC Long Room who would be happier losing, than winning badly.

Every time I read a piece by Roebuck whining that the Australian team is "graceless" or some other nonsense, I remember a line from Chariots of Fire when Abrahams says to the crusty old don-
"You expect us to win with the effortlessness of Greek gods!"

And as for Roebuck, I take serious exception to him being described as an "Australian." A few years ago there was a spiteful one-dayer in England when the Pakistanis bowled deliberate bean balls. Roebucks' article - this will shock you - blamed the Australians!

Roebuck represents the 21st century adaptation of the White Man's Burden; only white players are responsible for their actions. Other nations are "warriors" or some other sophistry. I don't think Roebuck or the Indians who rush to laud him realise how deeply demeaning this is.

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