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TV makes money from advertising, hence the prostitution of Richie et al spruiking crap instead of building a narrative. With the advent of multiple channels/datacasting etc, the government and regulators should piss off out of the way, and let the TV channels essentially narrowcast to interested groups. To some, this will mean 24/7 soaps with net access to forums and fan sites, to others, cricket with no delay, multiple camera angles, Cricinfo interactive sidebar, and choice of sound/effects/commentary feeds, and, to the rest of Australia, porn.

Very good work, Tony. Top of the class for you.

I finally bit the bullet for this summer and bought Foxtel since little Jimmy Packer decided it would be a good business decision to shitcan the local cricket coverage and bring on the sport of kings instead. Maybe he's right but I still think he's a prick for doing it.

However, this does not help me come Test time as I'm still hogtied to Neins coverage and 80% shit commentary.

More import commentators are needed IMO, I'm not sure what India and Sri Lanka have to offer in terms of quality commentators but I'm willing to take a punt rather than put up with the same bunch of clowns for another summer.
Fuck, I'd even accept a few pommy commentators.

As for the bias thing, if we can live with Greig as long as we have I'm sure a pop in visit from their most die-hard commentator isn't going to hurt. Much.

I'm in France this summer, and unable to get any radio or TV cricket coverage at all (at least not without paying more than I want for it), so I can't add much on the commentary this year. But I can't believe the ABC have got Drew Morphett doing Test cricket. What happened to Roger Wills?

Alvin on Simon O'Donnell - on the money.

Drew Morphett - fucking hell. At least the Bogle will bring something new.

I'd read more cricket articles but I find I'm busy counting the amount of times they try to link Bollinger with a champagne reference. Bubbles in rare form however.

What's wrong with a three second delay? I potter around the room doing whatever I need to do. Every time the ABC voices are raised in excitement I look up at the telly and thanks to the delay I can actually see the event, without having to sit through the tediousness of ads and pictures of seagulls until the Channel 9 crew deign to put on a replay.

What's not to like?

The 1977 ABC Cricket Book was bloody good, Tones...

A new Labor Government!!

Well done.

Is it the mists of time giving me a false impression - or did Classic Catches used to be really good?

Over the course of a season a lot of decent grabs would make the list, but now the need to have a catch of the week means that pool is highly diluted and we end up with regulation second slip chances making the reel.

Players take catches these days, regularly, that would have been dismissed as uncatchable 15 years ago. However, with the increase in cricket, and hence the need for more 'classic catches' for filler, the overall quality of the catches in 'classic catches' has decreased.

ps : looking at the current Indo-Pak series, and the 'strange coincidence' of Tendulkar getting out 3 times this year on 99, and the fact that over $1 billion is bet on every game in which India play....does anyone NOT think that every game involving India, on the subcontinent, is fixed?

You trying to suggest Kumar was 39 places too high in the order?

Just 10 days late.

I liked Mark Nicholas initially. Can't stand him now.

I think it's the regular "Mark interviews his fellow commentators during the break" segments that grate on me. But I can't stand him so I really can't stand bothering to think about why he grates on me.

Nice piece, Tony.

One thing I meant to mention up above was that when Nine move to filler mode, it looks as if they are trying to emulate what the Poms are up to when Gower, Nasser and Athers get going, while chucking in some "antics". Wrong. Approach.

If cricket went to Foxtel you'd get some of that interactive gear.

I often wonder what might happen if official broadcasting (in the pejorative sense of the word), long term contracts and cushy deals were ousted. What would happen, for instance, if each and every tour was put out to tender? Would we get a flood of new talent? Or would we get the same old honkers "doing the rounds"?

Not a million miles from that, it sucks that Dave has to pay top dollar for the ABC. I wonder why he has to pay, while we get to stream for free.

And as for Drew Fuckin' Morphett... well, root my boot if he's not a paragon example of "dredging the bottom". The ABC have truly run out of talent if they feel they need to reinsert him into out lugholes.

The Australian obviously feel there is plenty more gold in that there Dougy mine: Bollinger gives Tigers taste of class.

It's true, the three-second delay DOES give you a chance to do the housework, but I have a cleaning lady.

True, the 1977 ABC Cricket Book WAS bloody good, but so were prawn cocktails, desert boots and David Hookes' jaw. Things have changed.

A Labor government? In name only, Mark. Think further right than Tony Blair. At least, so far. You know what they say "One day is a long time in politics."

I remember when classic catches were Lawrence Rowe full length at gully. Keppler Wessels full length at square leg. John Dyson, of course. (Question: who did he catch? No looking it up, you dogs!) Steve Waugh running around the sightscreen. Now a dolly C&B back to the bowler will get you nominated. And it's all in aid of raking cash via 1-800 phone numbers.

I wonder if anyone had $1 billion dollars on Tendulks getting out on 99 three times this year.

One thing's for sure; Kumar's average this year is a lot bigger than 39.

Nicholas should host the padding, the tea-break talks, etc. And he should also be told to put a cork in his gushing.

Thanks to those of you who said "good stuff". I hate the rest of you. But in a good way.

Dyson's catch - at the SCG, late in the test. Against the West Indies I think. Big Bird?

AB took some ripper gully catches in the 80s stench period.

Watched a ODI rewind match from the 80s on Fox on the weekend. Bruce Reid had to get 2 off the last 5 balls against some Kiwi tosser called Pringle. Didn't lay bat on ball.....

It was a drawn Test at the SCG in Jan '82. Not Big Bird.

AB snaffled John Reid a beauty at the Gabba against the Kiwis in 1985. Pity Reid had already made a hundred, the Kiwis were then 3 for heaps, Hadlee took 15 wickets and we lost by an innings.

The scores from those grim matches ought to be tattood on the stomach Ben Cousins style of all the commentators who say Straya deserves a contest.

Bruce Reid & Bhagwat Chandrasekhar: batting at its best.

Good work Tony. I agree with everything you said.

I hate Mark Nicholas, Tony Greig, Simon ODonnell and the like. They are up there in the category of Prize Wankers. They need to be sent to run the sight screens. It is rather like the (former) Howard Government. Finally Australia woke up and kicked them out. Who are the Kevin 07s of the potential cricket commentating gene pool/ Regardless, I will probably still listen to the radio and rush over to watch the technicians do their replay job.

Could be there's a valid parallel there, Col. I mean, Rudd's lips move and then three seconds later waffle comes out.

Tony T and RT.

Re: John Dyson's catch against the West Indies in 1982 Test in Sydney, he caught out Sylvester Clarke.

I would love to see the footage of that catch on YouTube. I was only 8 years at the time and still remember the image. Bill Lawry's excitement of "The greatest catch you'll ever see" was almost matched by Chappelli in the commentary box.

Well, you didn't beat the buzzer, Dave, but you're right.

Sylvester Clarke.

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