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Haha, love your work Tony.

Great link Pat posted in the last thread. Some bloke says "the whole game of cricket will be brought to disrepute by a bunch of cheats and crooks who will stoop so low to win a game.
Well with ex-convicts having pioneered the trend one can only expect the worst…" And then goes on to say that Murali is simply "differently abled".


Wonder if Gilly will have to go to UWA to get his squash ball modified.

I reckon the angle of that raquet may be within 15 degrees. Hard to tell with the naked eye though.

Added to the angle of the elbow, it's 57 degrees.

Well within the ICC's flexible limit policy.

Now THAT'S an action.

If Gilly had a ganglion it would've been okay -- incidentally, I'd love to see sales figures for squash balls at the end of this month -- also the stats for the number of kids who've been dismissed through stupidly placing squash balls in their batting gloves.

Another quick point -- maybe we could have a compromise: Gilly stops using squash balls when Murali stops chucking.

Maybe Murali could stuff squash balls in the vicinity of his elbow until it no longer bends?

Bing. Bong. Calling Dr Bruce Elliot.

Murali should be playing for Idaho Falls rather than Sri Lanka.

Or, for that matter, polo.

Fuck all of you cunts...
Murali is legal and was proven to be so..

Who cares about what some idiots think anyway.. MURALI IS THE GREATEST BOWLER EVER

Good points, well made.

Hey really good work ya...But I think Murali won't play in the next world cup.


Blank is running a cricket competition and I was wondering if your readers might be interested in entering?



Thanks, Saky. Hope you don't mind I took out all your links.

Bollocks to your cricket comp, Soph.

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