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All over the shop? Not wrong. They got too much music in the show though.

Yeah, a little too much music. The Drones have their rockin' heart in the right place - somewhere between the NY Dolls and The Stooges - but I don't like 'em much. That Stones song they closed with was awful, despite what Leapster said. G&R bite. But the Jerry Lee song was excellent.

Love their chat, but. They are all over the sort of stuff I like. Footy commentary, TV, rawk n roll, etc.

The way they kept going on about Youtube was classic though. Who is the target audience for this outfit?

It's subscriber radio, so three boilermakers at Visi, a Big Issue vendor in a corduroy bowler hat and me.

It's a small listenership, but it's loyal.

Shawshank wasn't a huge box office hit, but it is a great film.

Yorkshire Soul: I'm not in agreement with The Shawshank Redemption being a great film. It rates highly on American film lists, but it's a long, long film full of cheesy sentimentality. Have you ever seen such a clean, well-laundered group of cons?
What a dud of a film.

I'm with you, Prof. And on top of the sentimentality, especially the ├╝bercheese ending, since when were American prisons ever full of blacks being chummy with whites?

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