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We won the Ashes 5-0, by the way. But I expect you knew that by now.

Idiom: a clean sweep

The winning of all prizes, awards, competitions, contests, etc.

A complete clear-out of unwanted rubbish.

God only knows what we’ll do in the one-dayers.

The ODIs will be like a mint wafer after a feast, but hopefully not in a Monty Python way.

Everybody needs a bosom...

He stole that shirt off a junketting politician. Allegedly.

Fuck, it was so bad, I just had to share it with my friends.

Pure. Gold.

"The Concert for Bingladesh." Heh, wish I'd thought of that.

Oh.My.Science. That's it, he's dropped. If the wider Oz public saw this, they'd have his guts for garters. Beyond ghey.

I wonder if Can You Tell A Girl by Brett Lee featuring Asha Bhosle sold more copies than I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair) by Sandi Thom. Yes, I'd never heard of it or her, either.

You know, Amanda, given the doubling up of Holy Cow, I think I might just make TCFB the heading. I think I'm allowed to do that.

Until the last couple of tests I could have said at least his singing and acting is better than his bowling had been. But he seems to have lifted his game, and by the way, cut back on the wanker act in his wicket celebration (eg the lawnmower starting action seems to have disappeared).

He's definately channelling Paul Kelly there....

The Paul Kelly that tries to sing Karaoke very, very badly at our pub most weeks that is.

This should definately be shown to Rodney Hogg.

Neighbours stars all go to England to break into music. Perhaps India is the cricket equivalent.

Is there an Indian version of panto?

Shit. And some sportspeople get slagged for signing breasts...


Please post the URL for the video. I can't get it from your "Youtube" link above. PC is still giving me the shits.


Click on the "mere comment" hyperlink.

Yep got it. Not without reloading all sorts of Macroflash stuff et al.

PC still giving me the shits.

Well at least he can get a job telemarketing when he gets the arse as a bowler!


Brimfull of Brett indeed!!

What a star - and hats off to the guy for his journey from the Aussie post-victory group hug at the MCG down to the boundary to give the Barmy Army a round of applause.

And the Barmy Army rose to applaud him in return for keeping them in the series so long.

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